Magic Powder is just one of the items the you require in The Legend that Zelda: Link’s Awakening because that a few purposes throughout the story. You need to have it on girlfriend at every times as you don’t understand when you can have to usage it. In this guide, we’ll present you exactly how to Get more Magic flour in Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

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Zelda: Link’s Awakening Magic Powder

There space a few ways to collect Magic Powder throughout your adventures and these ways include:

Magic powder Locations

Below, you’ll uncover all the methods and locations you have the right to go to in Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Magic Powder. You have the right to keep one eye out for lock in the civilization to make sure you’re constantly topped and also locked once it pertains to Magic Powder.

Trendy Game

Trendy game is found in Mabe village and it is among the easiest means to collection Magic Powder. The game is the there are a couple of items collection out because that you in a row.

These items will encompass a lot of of different things at different times like sometimes it’s going to be jewel or heart Pieces and sometimes there can be Magic Powder.

To play the game, you have to pay 10 Rupees each time. Now you will have a claw the you need to crane wherever the Magic powder is and then click the switch to release it and grab the Magic Powder.

Magic flour Farming

If you walk to the mysterious Forest, you will uncover a witch’s hut there wherein a witch will be do the Magic Powder because that you. She will certainly be questioning you come fetch a Sleepy Toadstool which likewise you will uncover in the mysterious Forest.

Just keep relocating to the finish of the mysterious Forest and eventually, you room going to discover the Toadstool.

Now equip it and also take it come the witch’s hut where she will be acquisition it because that you. Now you deserve to leave and when girlfriend come back, she would’ve do the Magic Powder and you will certainly be able you find it indigenous the Magic Shop.

You have the right to do this whenever you need the Magic Powder. Just repeat the procedure and friend will be able to but it from the Magic Shop.

How to Get more Magic Powder

Other than the long process that you have to go through above in order to get the Magic Powder, friend can additionally attempt to carry out random activities that will administer you with the Magic Powder.

Breaking jars and defeating enemies might also administer you v the Magic Powder yet surely there will certainly be other tasks which room going to provide you v the Magic flour time and again.

Magic power Uses

Following are the provides of the Magic Power:

Can dissolve BushesTransform enemies into SlimeAwakens the mad Batter (Dwarven Swordsmiths’ Shop)

How to update Magic Powder

Now you know just how to acquire the Magic Powder, yet your inventory enables you to bring only 20 transforms of the Magic Powder.

The question is that how can you boost the warehouse in your inventory to keep an ext Magic Powder approximately for later on use. Listed below we have uncovered a method to perform that in the game.

Once you space done with Bottle Grotto, you can return back to the Mysterious woodland where you need to uncover the area wherein on your method to the Tail cavern you choose up a Toadstool.

Once you discover that area and also get come it, in ~ the upper right corner, you space going to uncover a stone which you need to pick up. As you pick up the stone, a set of stair will emerge in her way.

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Take the stairs and also go down, use some Magic flour to irradiate the brazier in the middle of the platform.