Given the I have a habit of finding obscure stuff relating come the mediums that storytelling I ever before so love, ns figured why not start a blog collection on it. So offered that the following Yu-Gi-Oh movie is coming out soon, kicking of part one is Yu-Gi-Oh season zero English dubbed.

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The project started ago I"m assuming almost a year ago, (since judging by the video discription that the an initial episode it acquired taken down a few times), and under the channel, Team Millennium has due to the fact that released four episodes. Offered that season one has no English licensee, and the reality that they room using very tiny of the initial soundtrack to Yu-Gi-Oh season zero, YouTube"s contents ID hasn"t excellent anything.

So it"s a project made by the fans because that the fans. Sounds an excellent right?


Just the brand-new ones though for this reason how they get away with calling Yugi by his name.

:expressionless: ideal right I must get ago to nitpicking a nonprofessional pan project.


Random picture to break up the text

The sound quality and also editing are meh to bad with certain sound effects sounding very very fake. (If girlfriend watch illustration 4, you will certainly know precisely what i am talking about) Again this will certainly all get far better with exercise so it"s not also bad. I simply wish these guys would open up up a patreon so that I could in some way help them get better equipment so that the episodes can turn the end better.

I perform not blame castle at all for the lack of the main soundtrack due to the fact that Toei never released the cursed thing. For this reason these guys make their own background music. It"s serviceable although i wish over there was more of it.

Now few of you space wondering why I giving light come something that i wouldn"t technically consider, "good," through the requirements I usually testimonial things. Yet in this case because this is a fan made job I figured the shedding some light top top it can get more people interested. And if more people watch probably the voice gibbs will have the ability to get much better equipment and also have the preventive time come get better sound effects and also music.

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(Of food this is under the presumption team Millennium decides to open up up a patreon account.)

Whatever the case, i still introduce this fan made task if for nothing else the opportunity to come see just how committed some fans room willing to carry out for what lock love. Also the chance to watch Yu-Gi-Oh in some way before the movie following month.

Well that"s every for this ring of damaging my high criter for entertainment. Join me following time where I become like video game theory and also take forever to release a video clip I promised come make!