A great way to schedule yearly maintain on your golf dare is to perform the standard track up as soon as taking the cart out of winter storage. This short article is draft to present you how to track up a Yamaha golf cart the fast and easy way.

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Here is the action by step procedure to tune up a Yamaha golf cart and get the cart prepared for the links and exploring the countryside, making use of the Air, Spark, Fuel, and also Valve sequence.

Engine is easily accessed through the hinged body on earlier Yamaha Golf Carts

Step 1: wait Filter

Models G1, G3, and also G14

The air filter is cylindrical through a foam prefilter sleeve that fits over the file element.


The air filter aspect is oil-impregnated, and attempting to usage an air water tap to blow the end the impurities will result in reduce the oil. This provides the filter less efficient and also should it is in avoided. The foam cover should capture the bulk of pollutants and can be washed out v soap and also water. Squeeze out the excess water (don’t wring it out!) and allow to dry prior to reinstalling over the element. Over there is a plug at the bottom that the instance that can be offered after washing out the within to drainpipe it. Mental to change this plug together the air will certainly bypass the filter to flow through the hole instead. Assemble the filter assembly together shown above and lock it down with the rubber hooks.

Models G2, G9, and also G11

The waiting filter is cylindrical with a foam prefilter sleeve the fits end the file element. Just like the design above, the filter no cleanable but the prefilter is, and it bring away a while to clog increase the main filter. This unit has a grommet plug under each of the chambers and uses the exact same rubber hooks to hold down the cap.By periodically washing the end the foam element cover, the life that the file element deserve to be prolonged significantly. Clean it with a solvent or dishwashing soap and squeeze the end the excess. Perform not apply oil to this pre-filter…it will rise the waiting resistance and choke the end the engine.

Models G16, G19, G22, and also G29

The air filter is a rectangular record element through a smaller pre-screen attached. The foam pre-filter pictured is available in some tune-up kits yet doesn’t commonly come through the filter. Relax the 5 clips approximately the filter unit, remove the cap, lift out the Filter element and also inspect. Clean the foam pre-filter making use of the exact same instructions as above.

The recommended spark plugs are manufactured by NGK,G1, G3 – (2-cycle) tool altitude – number NGK BP5HS.G1, G3 – (2-cycle) high altitude – number NGK #BP4HSG2, G5, G8, G9, G22, G21, G20, G16, G14 number NGK BP4ESG11l G16, G22, G29 number NGK BPR2ES 2264
The ceramic insulator should be cream color colored, light brown to brown would indicate the fuel mixture is as well lean. If the is black color in color, you might be running also rich the a fuel mixture, request an adjustment to the air/fuel mixture screw.
Locate the spark plug(s) top top the peak of the engine and also remove the cable, exposing the height of the plug. Use a spark plug socket (13/16″) and ratchet to remove the spark plug and inspect the ceramic insulator.
Check the void with a spark plug void tool (cheap or complimentary at most parts counters) and collection this gap to .024 – .028.

Step 3: Fuel

Replace the spark plug and screw right into place utilizing the socket and also your fingers to protect against cross-threading, since this is aluminum and strips the end easily. Lightly tighten with the ratchet (20ft/lbs) and push the cable connector earlier on to the spark plug. Inspect the connector boot and wire for any cracking or damage and also replace if needed.

G1 and also G3 G14 G16 fuel tank and also filter

The G2, G9, G11, and the G21 design Fuel tank has actually a screw-in filter that is challenging to reach. It is recipient to remove the 2-4 bolts hold the tank in and also pull the tank out to drain and replace the filter. Please keep in mind that on all models using the screw-in filter the tank will should be drained.
The fuel tank is situated on the driver’s next of the vehicle and the filter have the right to be removed with a pair the pliers. To express the spring clip and slide it more up the rubber fuel line, then pull the filter free. Keep in mind the direction of circulation to avoid installing the filter backward.

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Tap the inlet side of the filter (the tapered end) top top a record towel-lined surface and see if any type of contaminants space dislodged and also stain the document towel. Your judgment will certainly be needed below to decision if you have to replace the filter or not.