There space a range of choices to consider when purchasing a dirt bike. Experience level, brand preference, budget and also overall performance go a long means in determining your right ride. As soon as you’re dialed in on her expectations the the above and desire to take it your experience to the next level, speed is the evident choice!

While power deserve to be a great metric because that speed, nothing let engine size fool you. Some lighter dirt bikes deliver fast speeds equivalent to larger, much more powerful bikes there is no the very same effort. It is why TeamMA is ago with the peak 13 fastest dust bikes in the human being for 2022. Peruse these powerful dirt bikes and also pick her poison!

Fastest 250cc dust Bikes

Even though 250cc dirt bikes aren’t thought about to be the high finish of endurance, castle still pack a beat for riders of every sizes and experience levels. Due to the fact that engine strength is often well balanced with engine size, lightweight bikes won’t have to compensate for the load of a larger engine. When you’re just obtaining started top top your pursuit for a speedy dust bike, the 250cc selection is a good place come start.

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Honda CRF250RX


Top Speed: 70 mph / 113 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Dubbed as the nitty gritty upgrade from Honda’s classic CRF250R, the CRF250RX to add a more durable suspension and also frame to take your riding come the following level. Brand-new handguards for 2022 have actually been included for better grip and control. Fitted for both racing and also off-roading, the 250RX has actually three various map setups that have the right to be selected through a button located on the handlebars.

The 2022 CRF250RX additionally features one airbox it is 78% larger for an ext power, fewer all at once bolts for easier and also faster maintenance, and a seat lower by 10mm. Also though low-end strength isn’t precisely kicking on the 250RX, the deluxe payoff is precious the impatience. Handling and also power distribution are prioritized ~ above the 250RX, so climbing harsh terrain is a breeze.

You might still need a spark arrestor because that trails depending on where she riding, yet this is a tiny price to pay because that smooth, also power. The Honda CRF250RX is specifically ideal because that intermediate to knowledgeable riders who desire a speedy ride both ~ above tracks and also in the backcountry. 

Husqvarna FC 250


Top Speed: 72 mph / 116 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

The Husky FC 250 is at the peak of its course in compare to various other models. Integrate user-friendly taking care of with the same an effective engine as the KTM 250 SX-F and you finish up ~ above a joyride. The lowered seat height on the FC 250 has actually been designed with moto veterans in mind, if still gift appealing come younger riders with much less experience. 

Updated in 2021 v a far better suspension and lowered seat height, the FC 250 has numerous engine parts situated strictly in the dirt bike’s facility of gravity. This weight circulation helps to reduce rotational pressures when it yes, really counts. That’s no all, either. For 2022, the clutch setup has actually been upgraded come a Brembo mechanism to match the brakes. 

The Husqvarna FC 250 has undergone transforms in the last couple of years that all however surpass KTM for ideal ride. While part riders might stay faithful to the orange achievers, all her competition will have the ability to see once it’s over is a trail of white and also dark blue leaving lock in the dust.

KTM 250 SX-F Fastest dirt Bike


Top Speed: 78 mph / 126 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Ideal because that riders devoted to racing, the KTM 250 SX-F is a mean machine on the track. Equivalent to the 450cc huge brother, the compact & central engine on the 250 SX-F is an engineering marvel. Lot of the 250 SX-F’s power is in ~ the optimal end, so hard riding and also steady speed is necessary for a continuous result.

Recently updated colour & graphics do the 250 SX-F majorly stick out on the beginning line. A new blue seat, and also throwback graphics and also classic stand-out orange frame, will certainly ensure every eyes space on you. All electrical materials (including the battery) space conveniently situated listed below the seat for quick access when the heat is on. 

Traction manage is an additional essential attribute on the 250 SX-F that provides gnarly rides an ext manageable, while launch control ensures one assertive start. Conveniently switch between two map setups to discover the perfect setups for her race. The KTM 250 SX-F is fitting because that the devoted rider the loves come ride because that speed.

Yamaha WR250F


Top Speed: 85 mph / 137 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Ideal for off-road and also cross-country riding, the Yamaha WR250F is in a league of the own. Broadened from the classic YZ line through extra settings and features, the WR250F provides a an effective dirt bike geared in the direction of the enduro crowd. The consisted of spark arrestor way you can easily take her WR250F almost everywhere it’s allowed.

Specific engine tuning top top the WR250F includes fuel injection and ignition alternatives to suit her riding style. Toggle in between standard and race mode relying on your purposes that day and get riding. Power distribution is continuous on the WR250F, however it’s in ~ the price that not having a top-end press for huge air or massive power.

While Honda’s WR250F may not be ideal for everyone, it finds its very nice one in niche riders that know what lock want. V some consistent modifications, the a competitive dust bike that offers a smooth, hard ride. 

Kawasaki KX250


Top Speed: 85 mph / 137 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

A far-off cousin the the Ninja line, the Kawasaki KX250 is responsible because that the many wins in that class. In spite of boasting less high-end power than its partner in previous years, the KX250 these days is no much longer bound by these constraints. These transforms may not be as popular with novice riders, yet they have made the KX250 an ext competitive in comparison come the existing 250cc trends.

Featuring their very own KLCM (Kawasaki Launch control Mode) system, the alternatives are endless for customization and control turn off the beginning line. Include up to 3 couplers because that triple the map choices. Native a lull angle, the Ergo-Fit system helps riders of all shapes and also sizes get comfortable and also acclimated no issue what their experience level might be.

Between its narrow size and competitive adjustments, the Kawasaki KX250 is finally in same competition with its class. While the not rather a Ninja v a need for speed, it’s already a steady winner that’s sure to store that reputation.

Fastest 450cc dirt Bikes

Some that the dust bikes featured below are considered dual-sport bikes. Dual-sport bikes are super an effective and can usually be ridden on a variety of surfaces. However, don’t be fooled into thinking those factors mean lower speeds. The 450cc variety is a an excellent compromise in between leisurely jaunts and also performance racing.

Yamaha YZ450F


Top Speed: 80 mph / 129 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Despite Yamaha gift a motocross competitor for over fifty years, the YZ450F is still one of their highest rated dust bikes because that its capabilities. This powerful dirt bike is hugely famous with both aspiring riders and also racers alike. Reliability is a major sticking allude on the YZ450F, and despite it not being at the forefront of racing, dedication to this model has actually not waned amongst its audience.

Deluxe suspension capabilities and an optional strength Tuner app ensure she in fee of just how your dirt bike functions every action of the way. This is a big perk compared to most other bands, since many dust bikes call for you to acquisition a different transmitter for the exact same effect. Fit-wise, the YZ450F is right for average-to-short statures, and a high saddle help pad out the seat for bigger riders.

Predictable, effortless and easily managed, the Yamaha YZ450F is qualified of maintaining up with even the best of the 450 class. 

Honda CRF450R


Top Speed: 87 mph / 140 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Honda is not brand-new to rate or innovation, and also this is plainly evidenced through the construction of the CRF450R. With countless minute transforms like airbox size and arrangement reconfiguring, Honda has worked hard come ensure the CRF450R is a top contender in its class. Recognized for high top quality durability, the CRF450R can take on any kind of unsavory terrain that could get in your way.

Asserting your dominance and also speed will certainly be no trouble on the CRF450R v its heavy-duty suspension. Whether you’re riding monitor or trails, the CRF450R will aid you ideal along. Featuring 3 levels of traction control and map preferences, these can quickly be toggled using a switch on the handlebars. Despite these presets, we’re confident that Honda will certainly rework these settings to be customizable in the coming years. 

Responsive, lightweight and affordable, the Honda CRF450R is much more competitive than ever in the 450cc range.

Kawasaki KX450


Top Speed: 89 mph / 143 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Despite Kawasaki’s diverse selection of products and also devices, your dirt bikes are still second to none. The KX450 offers a lush drive that’s constructed to manage serious penalty on tracks and also trails of all kinds. Power and also handling space prioritized because that both novice and also expert riders alike.

Featuring powerful flex for your many competitive rides, the KX450 supplies robust impact absorption so her body doesn’t take a beating. For both comfort and also functionality, there space two optional handlebar & foot peg mounting positions escape on an individual preference. Couple these functions with the centralized seat height and you’ll check out why the KX450 is a very personalized ride.

Despite the lack of map setups on the Kawasaki KX450, this dirt bike is ultra-easy to ride for practically any experience level or terrain type.

Beta 430RR-S


Top Speed: 110 mph / 177 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Considered a an effective alternative to KTM, Beta is Italy’s prize to dust bikes. The 430RR-S is all at once a nasty off-road bike nicely wrapped increase in a speedy street-legal package. In spite of this dual-sport bike gift adaptable, the rides like a dirt bike no matter what surface ar it’s on.

Perfect for off-roading, the 430RR-S attributes a comfortable Trail Tech gps so you’ll always know where you are and where she going. Stalling and also overheating space in your past with Beta’s insistence top top high quality handling and also engine components. Even if catastrophe strikes, the chair on the 430RR-S easily pops on and off for easy maintenance.

The 430RR-S is one of the an initial dual-sport dust bikes to do a comeback in the dust bike industry, and also it’s affected other companies like Honda and Yamaha come prioritize your dual-sport models. With dependable features and also street legality, it’s no wonder the Beta 430RR-S provides other dual-sport bikes a operation for their money.

KTM 450 SX-F Festest dust Bike


Top Speed: 123 mph / 198 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Lauded together an out-of-box gyeongju machine, the KTM 450 SX-F is among the more quickly bikes on our 2022 list. The comes together no surprise due to the fact that the 450 SX-F has constantly been the design to contend with when constructing a dust bike. Sprucing up what’s great is the name of the game with the 450 SX-F, and also the 2022 model is no different.

Featuring an engine that purrs and also a rugged stole frame, the 450 SX-F screams power. Hone the power making use of KTM’s additional transmitter and also recently compatible mine RIDE application to make it work for you. Consists on the vented airbox and engine aid to alleviate debris interference and excessive wear indigenous the active movement of her boots.

With an agile profile and steady power delivery on every fronts, the KTM 450 SX-F is the fastest and most regularly replicated dust bike on our list.

Fastest 500cc+ dirt Bikes

Rounding the end the top end of the dust bike spectrum, these powerful dual-sport dirt bikes no to it is in underestimated. Built for competent riders, this 500+ variety is best for riders the know exactly how to handle huge power through effortless finesse. 

Kawasaki KLR 650


Top Speed: 98 mph / 158 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

The Kawasaki KLR 650 has undergone many of changes due to the fact that its start in the 1980s. Fuel injection is just one of the recent changes, in addition to a narrow exhaust port. Unlike numerous of the models above, the KLR 650 functions a windscreen that supplies some level of security to the rider and also the display.

The no-longer-analog LCD display features the standards: clock, fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer and also two pilgrimage settings. Bigger handlebars, foot pegs and a brand-new seat all encompass damping because that both comfort and also protection. Lengthy jaunts at complete throttle are a breeze v the KLR 650, and also that’s a substantial sticking point.

Classic, affordable and also reliable, the Kawasaki KLR 650 provides a cushy ride for seasoned riders on and also off the road. Mid-range power delivery is trusted as lengthy as you nothing attempt any kind of jumps or ultra-rugged handling.

Husqvarna FE501S


Top Speed: 101 mph / 163 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

If you want a power dual-sport bike, watch no additional than the Husqvarna FE501S. V a near complete redesign in 2020, the FE501S looks and also feels an ext like a dirt bike than many dual-sport models. DOT-compliant and quieter than ever, the FE501S is all set to go.

Reworked low-end strength is a substantial selling point on the FE501S, while mid and also high-range power aren’t fairly as robust. The dust bike feel is as result of the FE501S being exceptionally light, so it won’t gain stuck in ruts or shed traction favor larger, heavier bikes will. 

Since that street legal, the FE501S is required to have important mirrors and accessories to play through the book. However, these enhancements are minimal and it’s clear Husky designed this dust bike come be as low-key as possible. Seen as the best of both worlds, the Husky FE501S is together close together you’ll gain to a lightweight, street legal dust bike.

Honda XR650L 


Top Speed: 110 mph / 177 kph

Engine: 4-stroke

Versatile together ever, the Honda XR650L uses a variety of applications across the board. Featuring a simple electric starter, top-level suspension and also smooth power delivery, the XR650L yields a dirt bike that performs well in many environments.

The XR650L boasts a durable steel structure for solid strength management and safety top top the road. It additionally comes standard v a passenger seat and also fold-out passenger foot pegs that room perfect for mirroring your girlfriend what seafaring is every about. While plenty of dirt and double sport bikes can’t be quickly taken ~ above a road trip, the XR650L excels in this department and offers one effortless ride.

Unlike various other dual-sport bikes that hover roughly $10k, the Honda XR650L comes in at $3k less. The extra-affordable price tag, linked with passenger features and easy handling, provides this powerful dirt cycle a no brainer.

Frequently request Questions

What is the faster 250cc dirt bike?

The location of fastest 250cc dust bike stays a tie between the Kawasaki KX 250 and also the Yamaha WR250F. Both dirt bikes boast a optimal speed that 85 mph (137 kph) and offer some similar features. However, if you’re concerned around purely dirt bike expertise, this models have unique differences. The KX 250 is far better suited come motocross and much more aggressive riding, if the WR250F is far better for enduro and cross-country endeavors. 

What is the faster 450cc dust bike?

The faster 450cc dirt bike ~ above our perform is the KTM 450 SX-F. Through a whopping height speed that 123 mph, the 450 SX-F leaves any kind of competition in the dust. Past the 450cc category, the 450 SX-F technically beats out all 500cc+ dirt bikes for the as whole fastest rating. Even though going fast sounds fun, it’s vital to have actually experience thoroughly managing your dust bike so that you’ll have the ability to maintain manage at this speeds.

What is the most an effective dirt bike?

This prize all relies on just how you specify power. Big engines prefer the Honda 650XR create a ton that power and also have a greater top speed, however it’s all dependent on how you use it. If 2-stroke dust bikes offer a ton of low-end power, lock can’t always sustain this very same power level over a lengthy ride. Shooting the end of corners quickly is one thing, but steadily maintaining up through your competition is another.

4-stroke dirt bikes, ~ above the various other hand, sell serious continual power. They might take much longer than 2-strokes to gain to this higher threshold, but they’ll keep going at that level because that a lengthy time. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Obtaining to understand your dirt bike prior to you contend or walk for a lengthy ride is for sure necessary. Like any piece that technology, you’ll be able to notification small changes in the moment and also have more control when it matters.

What’s the faster 2-stroke dirt bike?

Out that the above brands, KTM provides the more quickly 2-stroke dirt bike on the market. The KTM EXC 300 practically matches as much as the fastest dust bike top top our list (KTM 450 SX-F) in state of height speed. The 2-stroke engine yields much more rapid power that gives the rider a low-end rise when they really need it.

Are 2-stroke dirt bikes much faster than 4-strokes?

2-stroke dust bikes are absolutely quicker turn off the starting line and generate strength sooner 보다 4-strokes. Because 2-strokes only have two parts to their engine strength cycle, there’s much less fuss come generating fast power. 2-strokes room most valuable for beginning off solid in a competitive race or speeding quickly out the corners. However, because power is easily accessible so quickly, managing them is an additional story. Friend don’t want your bike getting away indigenous you as soon as you press too hard!

In comparison, 4-strokes provide lasting power and also endurance. Holding a optimal speed for an extended period of time is the most ideal situation for 4-strokes, because their power is steadier when it’s been organized consistent. Ultimately, your choice will rely on the kind of riding you will do it be using your dirt bike for.

What is the fastest dust bike?

While there might be various other motorcycles that boast higher speeds, many of these selections can’t it is in purely characterized as a dust bike. V that in mind, there’s only one clear-cut winner according to TeamMA’s calculations.

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The all at once fastest dirt bike on our list stays the KTM 450 SX-F. That no surprise that KTM would create such a dirt bike since they’re famous for having actually high standards for speed. The 450 SX-F uses both considerable power and user-friendly managing for skilled riders searching for a fast ride.

We expect you’ve appreciated our take it on the fastest dirt bikes that 2022. Learning how to regulate high rate takes some work, but it’s worth putting that initiative into your moto journey. TeamMA will certainly be earlier soon with an ext info!