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a video game by Yuke"s Co. Ltd.
Genre: Sports
Platform: playstations 2
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based upon 2 reviews
User Rating: 6.6/10 - 120 votes
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The fifth game in the SmackDown series, WWE SmackDown! below Comes the pains is regarded as among the greatest wrestling games of all time! This to be a game-changer in the civilization of wrestles games and it is a game that still holds up very well to this day. The is maybe the ideal of all the game stations 2 wrestling games!

Become The Best!

The main single-player mode of this game is the Season Mode. Below you deserve to pick any type of WWE Superstar top top the roster or her own created character and try to take them come the top of the WWE. The video game is really cool in the you have separate stats for her wrestler in Season setting than you carry out in the other modes. So, if you picked, The Rock, because that example, you have the right to level the up and also make him stronger.


Season mode in WWE SmackDown! below Comes the Pain gives you a many leeway in what girlfriend do. It loser the first-person allude of watch from the ahead game and also instead has actually you making use of menus come move about the locker room/backstage area. I get why they walk this and it does streamline things, but I do wish castle let us walk roughly like in SmackDown: Shut her Mouth.

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A New way To Grapple

This game adjusted up the gameplay considerably. Girlfriend now had actually a brand-new grapple device that greatly broadened the variety of moves a wrestler might now do. Include to this a new submission system and a body damage system and also it is just mind-blowing just how much they to be able to adjust the main point gameplay while maintaining the feeling of the game the same. The grapple device adds a great deal that depth come the game, but it still move at the quick and also arcady speed that the collection is known for.

A video game Of countless Firsts

As well as the new grapple device WWE SmackDown! right here Comes the Pain presented a whole load of firsts for a WWE game. New match species The remove Chamber and also the Bra & Panties match were consisted of for the an initial time. Loads of new wrestlers were had with above stars together as john Cena and Batista making your debuts. This was also the very first WWE video game to make appropriate use of including classic/legendary wrestlers to the video game such as Sgt Slaughter and Rowdy Roddy Piper. The amount of new content they were able to add to this video game is simply staggering.

Virtual WWE

The more recent WWE gamings are a real combined bag as much as the visuals go. That was not constantly the case and also on the game stations 2, the first couple of games in the SmackDown series were well-known for their exceptional visuals. Every wrestler has actually a complete entrance, many have alternating attires and the arenas the which there are countless all look similar to they perform on TV! indigenous a looks suggest of view, this game is great!The only downside is the soundtrack. Yukes the civilization who made the WWE games constantly struggled v commentary and also this game did away v it altogether. I execute wish they had just a tad, maybe also if it to be calling out simply the huge moves.


As you can tell, ns freaking love WWE SmackDown! here Comes the Pain and I still fire it up a few times every year to this day. If you are a wrestling fan you already know what a an excellent game this is. Because that me, it is among the top five wrestling gamings of every time and also it is one of those games that if you have not play it for a while, girlfriend forget just exactly how special and good this game is.


Features a massive roster that WWE at sight StarsIntroduces a new fun grappling systemSeason mode is a lot of funTons that match species including part brand new onesI love the visual layout of the game, specifically the arenas


It renders you see just how soulless and also un-fun existing WWE games are!I perform wish there was simply a tad the commentary and voice acting