Donald Duck was never banned in Finland. Follow to Wikipedia, this is one of the metropolitan legends produced by the Finnish people.

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The turn around story, i m sorry is no a true story, claims that the Finnish federal government banned Donald Duck due to the fact that he doesn’t wear pants.

In 1977, Helsinki councilman, Markku Holopainen, suggest discontinuing the funds to youth centers to buy the comic magazine Aku Ankka, i beg your pardon featured Disney characters, since of the city’s gaue won problems.

Both foreign and also local media included a little bit of exaggeration come the stories and also this made it seem prefer it to be a genuine incident.

The evil chairman of the Youth board in Helsinki, who attended a meeting with the city’s youth department, stated that during the board meeting, mr Matti Holopainen preserved making jokes around Donald Duck including the pants joke. If the male was joking, the news was spread out as if it was real.

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