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Chime ideal in! (no it is registered req"d)-----"Why walk soda dissolve a penny"2005Q. Hi,I need help on mine biology project and I can"t find real research, only on cleaning pennies, but I have to find a actual answer native you:Can friend tell me why soda dissolves a penny? and also by doing the why 7up, Coke, root beer, and also Mountain Dew disappear a coin also. Thanks!Joan B. - san Leandro, California, USA ^
2005A. Don"t try to use science to define why other happens till you have actually done the experiment and verified that it in reality does happen, Joan. Exactly how long did the take for these 4 sodas come dissolve the pennies? What to be left, if anything, as sediment when the dissolving was done? Did friend make certain your infant brother didn"t take the pennies and buy a candy bar?If you didn"t carry out the experiment, perform it. I had read a hundred time or much more that Coke dissolves pennies. Therefore I merely put some copper pennies and also some copper plated zinc pennies in Coke under a couple of different conditions and also made some an extremely interesting observations.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohajulianum.net - pine Beach, brand-new Jersey^2005A. Coke and also other sodas contain various acids and also some the the strongest acids easily accessible on the market. For example phosphoric acid. This mountain reacts v the copper and the zinc of the coin and dissolves it. The hydrogen (H or H2) that the acid will connect with the copper(Cu) or zinc(Zn) that the penny and become copper phosphate(Cu2PO4-I believe) or zinc phosphate. Mathematically a chemist could define just how much mountain is necessary for dissolve a penny; time alone is no the issue. The chemical balance the ions and molecules come be associated has to be calculated and also the possible loss the Hydrogen needs to be take away into consideration too since the acid is not secure indefinitely. You re welcome excuse mine English, I"m quiet learning.Rolf ReiserOld people Tradesman Inc. - Boulder, Colorado USA^
April 16, 2013

A. The won"t! over there is a an extremely low concentration that phosphoric acid ... Not at all "Some that the strongest you deserve to buy" and also it is really diluted. Because that example, citrus drinks favor lemonade and orange juice space TWICE as acidic.Theoretically, yes, it will dissolve a penny, if girlfriend left it in for YEARS, and also kept replenishing the Coke v fresh Coke. But none of that matters in terms of drinking it since when friend drink it, friend don"t host it in your mouth for years, and you have actually saliva to protect it.

John K - Binghamton, new York, USA^

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2005A. PENNIES space MADE the COPPER, WHICH will certainly DISSOLVE IN THE presence OF ACID, among THE key INGREDIENTS IN all SODA IS PHOSPHORIC ACID. THE pH the soda is rather low, due to the phosphoric acid content. A penny will at some point dissolve in any kind of aqueous equipment with a low pH...low pH is considered 0-6 ~ above the pH scale...the range goes indigenous 0-14...with 7 being neutral (water) and acids top top the reduced side (0-6) and also bases AKA alkalis ~ above the higher side (8-14).
Jason A. BrownSanmina-SCI - Athens, Pennsylvania, USA^2006A. Soda disappear a penny due to the fact that of its short pH level and also its phosphoric acid content. I"m doing a scientific research fair job on this topic!Alexandra D- Mechanicsville, Maryland ^June 2, 2008A. A great answer more than likely should encompass something with reduction potentials. An elementary table of palliation potentials mirrors that the potential for Cu++ come be decreased to Cu is (+0.34). Optimistic reduction potentials room spontaneous. The palliation potential because that H+ to H2 (sorry, no subscript) is 0. Thus, the does no seem likely that Cu will be dissolved in a straightforward acid/base reduction system as the full reduction potential would certainly be (-0.34) a non-spontaneous value. A quick inspect of the net mirrors that strong nitric mountain is offered to dissolve copper, and also when one looks in ~ the chemical equation for this reaction, it is obvious that various other oxidation and also reduction potentials get in the fray. Perhaps, phosphoric acid works similarly (or, possibly not at all). A great answer to this inquiry would involve demonstrating that the as whole reduction potential is positive. Unfortunately, ns don"t have actually the tables at my on the handle to check or refute such a supposition. I do understand this. Once, as soon as I was to teach junior high, us performed one experiment in i m sorry pennies were to be supposedly dissolved in lemon juice because that a period of 24 come 48 hours. Once the pennies were removed a steel nail (if my storage serves me correctly) was inserted in the solution which would certainly supposedly then be coated through copper. The end of maybe 25 college student experiments, just a handful showed any deposition that copper top top the nail--none, with spectacular outcomes (I still have actually no idea why even these meager results were achieved given the problems stated above). Unfortunately, this isn"t the very first time among the experiments in the glossy mass-marketed science experiment books accessible in American bookstores failure me. This is why I made decision to go through a publication UNESCO placed out for third world countries and disaster ridden wherein spending money for science education is scarce. Lock emphasized utilizing models come teach scientific research concepts and also when lock did present actual experiments, the experiments normally worked. You would think the the glossy books sold in the bookstores through the thousands or millions would have actually the far better experiments, but unfortunately lock don"t. There space a lot of ambiguities in life. The is why i endorse the first answer to this question. Shot it before you to buy it!Marc Vander Vliet- cool Rapids, Michigan USA^June 2, 2008
Hi, Marc. We newly received a pointer on topic 43238 the Myth Busters had busted the myth of Coke dissolve pennies. I didn"t view the illustration myself, so I made decision I"d have to do the experiment again myself to refresh my memory. I cut post-1982 copper plated zinc pennies right into eight pie slices and put some into Coke and also some right into vinegar. My very first check, after ~ 30 hours, and second check after ~ 4 days, reflects the vinegar to it is in far much more aggressive than the Coke. I"m guessing from what I see so far that the vinegar will certainly dissolve every the zinc in around 30 days and also that the Coke won"t perform it also in months. Hope time will tell.I am confident that you can leave one old (pre-1982) copper coin in Coke because that the better part that a lifetime without it dissolving. If any student or teacher has a workbook or textbook that says in composing that Coke will dissolve pennies, we"d love to have actually the publisher info!Take a lesson, students. Carry out the darned experiment! How tough is it to drop a penny into a glass the coke? -- and also then you won"t be together ignorant together your classmates, teachers, administrators, textbook authors, politicians and also the rest of united state who keep lecturing you about WHY coke dissolves pennies when it doesn"t :-)Otherwise, the same civilization who spread out this misinformation will certainly then go on to explain and demand that you expropriate their Gordian sociological, geopolitical, and complex earth science theories -- every "proven" of course by similar "research" :-)Regards,Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohajulianum.net - pine Beach, brand-new Jersey^November 21, 2008One problem that presents itself right here is the truth that contemporary pennies are made the zinc that has actually been electroplated with a very thin coating of copper. I think that this shift occurred throughout the 1970s when pennies previously produced were that 90% copper content. Ns do know that a 1974 penny (copper variety) will certainly slowly yet surely dissolve right into a equipment containing a combination of 6N HCl and also 35% H2O2. This is a modern type of aqua regia where the H2O2 replace instead replace the nitric together the oxidizer. I use it come dissolve 99.99% yellow metal. The is slow to work than aqua regia but you carry out not have to remove the nitrates before winning indigenous the AuCl3. Five but back to the penny...copper and also zinc space two different animals. Older published experiments assumed that a coin would constantly be do of copper...and the Coke would never ever be brand-new and boosted :-) Peace and light ~Don NanceAlchemist Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.^