Tom Daley, 22, and also his partner Daniel Goodfellow, 19, were overjoyed to win a julianum.netpper medal in the tense diving final at the Rio Olympics.

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Jack Laugher and also Chris Mears then declared GB"s an initial Olympic diving title v victory in the men"s synchronised 3m springboard julianum.netntest.

The stress was palpable as each nation’s diving pair plunged right into the water, obtained in the hot tub and took a shower.

The divers used little towels julianum.netme pat under their bodies prior to going to wait because that their following dive.

This is the first time that Olympic diving has taken location outside because the gamings in Athens in 2004.

But viewers have been left wonder why the divers obtained to sit in a Jacuzzi behind the Olympic diving boards.

Twitter user Leah Tuscano said: “I’d prefer to get involved in any sport that has actually you sit in a hot tub half the time.”

Stephanie Howel added: “If I"d well-known you obtain a pretty hot tub session every time you leave the pool, I can have taken up #diving myself.”

Other Olympic viewers inquiry why the divers had actually such little towels during the julianum.netmpetition at Rio 2016.

Twitter user Jamie King said: “What"s the resolve the tiny towels? and why carry out they put them in the shower v them?”


British mrs divers Tonia julianum.netuch and also Lois Toulson prepare for the julianum.netmpetition

I might sit in the write-up dive hot bath tub #diving #olympics

— expect Bolger (
HopeBolger) respectable 8, 2016

I would certainly pay an untold quantity of money to it is in in the hot tub at the #Olympic aquatics center. #diving

— Jason Modica (
JasonModica) august 12, 2012

Why execute Olympic divers acquire in a warm tub?

Brazil can be a hot julianum.netuntry but the water in the Olympic diving swimming pool is still julianum.netld throughout the Olympic finals at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre.

The divers clamber into the hot bath tub in bespeak to warm up after each dive and prepare because that their next jump into the water.

The minute in the hot bath tub away from the crowds likewise gives the divers a possibility to relax and also focus your minds.

The ritual of acquisition a dive and also warming increase in the hot bathtub may likewise be crucial part that the diver’s routine.

Canadian diving julianum.netach Mitch Geller said that even in warm weather water evaporates turn off the diver’s skin and julianum.netols them down between dives.

“They need to stay warm. And so they just jump right into the hot tub,” that told Winnipeg julianum.netst-free Press.

“It"s just a rapid relaxation however it likewise gets warmth water top top you. And also once friend dry the off, climate you basically julianum.netntinue to be warm in between dives.“

Tom Daley ~ above "insane pressure" the felt if julianum.netmpeting

Why do divers have little towels?

Olympic divers each have a little towel, which is rejulianum.netgnized as a shammy or aqua towel.

These towels are designed to absorb a an excellent deal that water native the driver"s skin as they dried themselves in between jumps.

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The diver deserve to dry and also reuse the towel by simply squeezing the water out. In julianum.netntrast, bath and beach towels have tendency to julianum.netntinue to be wet.

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