Smosh star Anthony Padilla newly shocked his ex-fiancé Kalel Kitten through accusing her of being “manipulative” and also “toxic” during their relationship.

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Kalel and Anthony were engaged, however never actually obtained married.

They to be engaged! Kalel and Anthony never made it to the wedding aisle. (Photo: Instagram)

Anthony Padilla renders a New attract My Life Vid

On his now-active YouTube channel, Anthony Padilla made decision to fall a brand brand-new Draw mine Life video. “My life has really changed,” he said.

Anthony Padilla Drags Ex Kalel: “She was Manipulative, toxic & supplied Me”

The video covered numerous things, but fans noticed a segment whereby he clearly threw the shade at his ex Kalel.

“I was in a manipulative partnership with someone at that time,” Anthony jabbed. “I currently feel she was making use of me.”

Anthony Padilla throws on a tanktop ~ above his vacation. (Photo: Instagram)

“I to be SO to walk over, that i would look for approval from her for every facet of my life,” that said. “It resulted in me to shed who i really was. My confidence was at one all-time low.”

“Like all toxicity relationships go, i did not realize how poor it yes, really was until months after ~ we broke up.”

Furious Kalel Kitten tells Anthony take it the video clip Down: “I Will protect Myself!”

Kalel wasn’t expecting to be ripped into by she ex. “I will safeguard myself!” she asserted in one essay. “It is not okay to let him gain away v these false accusations. I was super shocked.” She claimed it was favor somebody steering a knife right into her cat-loving heart. She demanded the he eliminated the video segment around her.

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She claimed that Anthony knew the one accusation that would hurt she the most – that she was a “gold digger making use of him because that fame”.


“He experienced me cry around this and also knows in his love that ns wasn’t utilizing him. It’s so hurtful. Why would you bring me up two years later? Is the drama to boost your channel?”

Kalel Kitten’s cat will always love her. (Photo: Instagram)

She admitted the she to be not precisely the “perfect girlfriend” and blamed she OCD for her “very high standards” in relationships. However, she said that Anthony knew precisely what he to be getting and also didn’t complain. “However, this was NOT brand-new for him. The was aware of it. That INSISTED ~ above sticking v me. The made the choice.”

Kalel discover SHE Dumped Anthony

Kalel likewise revealed that SHE to be the one that dumped him. In their breakup video, the pair stated it was an amicable common decision. Although he initially asked because that a breakup first, she claimed that he later on tried to adjust his mind. “But ns knew much better now. Therefore I collection him free.”

Anthony Padilla and also his brand-new girlfriend Mielmonster take it a funny pic. (Photo: Instagram)

She thought they were still friend after your breakup. Follow to Kalel, she actually sat and had dinner through Anthony’s new girlfriend! “I want to it is in nice and stay in contact.”

Mielmonster kisses her boyfriend Anthony on the cheek. (Photo: Instagram)

However, miscellaneous happened, and their post-breakup friendship soured. She claimed that Anthony told she to take down their videos together, and unfollowed her on society media. “He also blocked my number and also it really hurt.”


She chose to finish her Twitter rant amicably, and also apologized for any kind of hurt she caused him. “I am happy to watch you happy.”


She told him to leaving the drama in the past. “Best wishes.”


Kalel additionally accused female pan of “always siding v men”. “I’m no a b****, a s***, a whote or a gold-digger!”