The Cleveland Indians and also Detroit many tigers were regrettably rained the end on Tuesday night from steady Field. Unfortunately, no baseball was to be played due to the fact that of incl conditions.

This is a usual occurrence, especially during the summer months of the baseball season wherein rain deserve to strike at any kind of time.

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However, other is different. It’s the traditional twin headers that space scheduled julianum.netnce of this games acquiring cancelled.

For example, the Indians and also Tigers will certainly play 2 games starting at 4:10 this Wednesday afternoon.




Well, what’s different with this twin header?

Each game is only seven innings in length. This, of course, is much different from the usual nine-inning video game that major league baseball has actually played for well over 100 years.

Now, the dejulianum.netgn is evident in the sense that it is come shorten the time it takes to complete a double header. Native what was constantly 18 innings complete to 14 innings now, it will certainly make the finish outing shorter in length.

However, think about how numerous baseball games have been chose in the last innings. Whereby the score finished up being fully different after ~ all because of a rally of part sort, a walk-off home run or more.

The game is julianum.netmply meant for nine innings in length. If it takes a few extra innings to made decijulianum.neton the outcome, so be it…

The difficulty with a 7 inning video game is the concern that will always arise of, what if?

What if this video game was play to the full nine innings? could this team have staged a comeback? might the outcome have actually been different? The concerns asked are too numerous to think of…

A game could be decided one way, the could readjust the standings in a department because that the outcome and also eventually adjust the playoff race as a whole. That is what a 2 inning difference does.

What must be done?

Play the ripe inning games in their entirety like teams have actually done because that long prior to my time. Somehow, lock all endured the day.

Lastly, a few of my most fond memories as an indians fan would certainly never have actually happened with a seven inning game.

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Bill Selby’s walk-off grand slam versus the legendary Yankee, Mariano Rivera in ‘03. Jason Giambi’s walk-off throughout a cook wild card race in ’13.

Lastly, Rajai Davis’ 8 hours inning World series bomb turn off the an excellent Aroldis Champman come tie the video game in ‘16.