The movie theme entered the UK singles graph on June 9, 1973, and remained a an essential moment in McCartney’s live set much more than 45 years later.

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Live and Let Die was my Bond picture, I took pleasure in that very much,” the producer said this writer in 1998. “I occurred to have a very great director, guy Hamilton, who told me that didn’t know much around music, yet he knew what that wanted.“He was fairly true to his word, too, the was really articulate and also precise, defined what he wanted to hear native the music, what the emotions must be, and also we worked really well together. And it to be a successful picture.”In Stuart Grundy and also John Tobler’s 1982 publication The document Producers, Martin stated of the location track: “It all began with Paul ringing me up and also saying, ‘Look, I’ve gained a song for a film. Would certainly you develop it and also arrange it because that me?’ ns said, ‘Sure,’ and spent some time v him at his house going v the thing, and from my point of view, us were make a record, so ns didn’t spare any type of expense and also booked a big orchestra.‘I’ll carry in the orchestra’“I said, ‘This is the means we’ll perform it — we’ll execute it v Wings, and also work top top the session with simply the group, and then in the evening, I’ll lug in the orchestra, yet we’ll still save Wings there, and try to perform it live altogether, to try to get a live feeling to it,’ and also that was what we did.”McCartney and also Wings videotaped “Live and also Let Die” during their fall 1972 sessions because that the Red climbed Speedway album, on which it no appear. The song gone into the UK chart at No.37 and peaked three weeks later at a relatively modest No.9. In the US, after ~ a No.69 entry, it invested three weeks at No.2.

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The greatest UK graph placing because that the song came 18 year later, when guns N’ Roses take it their variation to No.5. Both recordings were Grammy-nominated; in 2012, McCartney was provided the Million-Air award for four million performances that his ingredient in America alone.Buy or currently “Live and Let Die” top top the Archive arsenal deluxe reissue the Red rose Speedway.