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Athletes that strategy 7-feet tall usually aren’t suiting approximately play football. They’re overcoming on the basketball court, dunking with ease. Some space punching people’s lights out in the MMA ring. Others room in professional wrestling.

Football, however, is a sports in which bigger is generally better. We’ve currently examined some of the heaviest football player in NFL history, and also trust me when I to speak they are some awfully hefty boys. But have you taken into consideration just who room the tallest NFL players to ever before dawn an NFL jersey?

It turns out the if girlfriend look at the tallest at each place in the game’s history, you’ll discover a whole lot of exciting players and also stories behind them. For example, top top this list you’ll find a brothers of one of baseball’s greatest sluggers, a guy whose nickname to be “Too Tall” and also a tight end whose height led to a permanent dominion change in the NFL.

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Oh, and just the only perfect Wonderlic test score in history.

Being high doesn’t necessarily equate to conquering on the football field, however it doesn’t hurt to have actually a few inches (or feet) on an opponent. I scoured the web to find the tallest of the tallest, for this reason without additional ado, here’s a team complete of the tallest NFL football player by position:

QB: Dan McGwire, 6-foot-8

Yeah Mark's brother, Dan McGwire, to be a 6'8" QB first round choose draft bust, yet his 3-bar/visor helmet video game plus those Seattle uni's were