Do you ever uncover yourself running across a song, a video, a poem, a story, that leaves you wondering?

After recognize a song on YouTube, I obtained to wondering. What occurred to the human being who to be singing?

My search led me to a really poignant conclusion. We should follow what our love tells us. Success is our own definition, not what others think ours success have to be.

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So, what DID occur to Rafe?

Rafe Hollister was played by Jack Prince, who appeared on Broadway in the 1950s in main and understudy/replacement duties in at least three musicals: “Guys and Dolls” (1950-1953), as “Nicely unique Johnson”, “Lil’ Abner” (1956-1958) together “Marryin’ Sam”, and also “Destry Rides Again” (1959-1960) as Tom Destry’s sidekick “Wash”.

He met Andy Griffith during the filming of “Destry Rides Again”, where he sang 2 songs.

Andy remembered Jack, and also had the on his present with a couple of young roles. Jack’s best known and remembered function was ‘Rafe Hollister’. Jack Prince’s love, and calling, to be singing. Andy Griffith asked him to take on a larger duty in the TV series, but Jack felt it would hinder the successful career he already had.

Think around this for a moment. What plenty of of united state would think about a gold opportunity. A huge role in a TV series. More exposure.

But Jack Prince to be content through his to sing career. He was poignant the lives of people already. Why profession what made the happy through an alternative of an unknown?

Food because that thought.

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