Formerly the snowy owl belonging to Harry Potter, Hedwig today continues to be alive, well and happy in a Japanese zoo close to Tokyo.

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by Bob Kerstetter

Formerly the snowy owl belonging to Harry Potter, Hedwig today continues to be alive, well and happy in a Japanese zoo near Tokyo. If some thought she died saving Potter native a fatality curse, she actually faked her death with aid from Professor Severus Snape.


Hedwig poses for a rare photo in Japan.

After sideswiping a death eater intent on killing Potter, Professor Snape hit Hedwig with a green onion charm—ねぎ. The is correct, the charm provides the Japanese indigenous negi an interpretation green onion or spring onion. An invention of Professor Snape, ねぎ needs a upper and lower reversal of the wand perfectly tracing the form of an onion bulb. The charm benefit its greatest effect when the demonstrate pronounces ねぎ with an affected British accent.

The ねぎ charm looks, however does not smell, prefer the infamous death curse. The intensity of the onion scent pressures the victim come collapse together if dead, but otherwise causes no lasting injury. While the took 3 months to eliminate the smell from she feathers, Hedwig think of the ploy together a full success since she escaped from the magical world, married a Japanese Ural Owl ふくろう, lives in a zoo v her husband and enjoys visits from their 6 children, 36 grandchildren and also 216 an excellent grandchildren.


Hedwig married a shy—all Japanese room shy—Ural Owl ふくろう. He originates from those components of Japanese significant in red.

Hedwig claims a person woman day-to-day cleans the cage she shares with her husband. The owl keeper also hunts and prepares food for the family. As soon as a week, she tells them individual tales around Japanese owls. Back the woman permits Hedwig come fly free anytime she wishes after closeup of the door time at the zoo, Hedwig retired from the wonder postal service and never visits great Britain.

I promised Hedwig to not publish the story widely until August 31, 2013. Since she said releasing the story on august 27 would certainly be okay below it is. Hedwig said me this story and also posed because that the picture on April 29, 2013 in ~ her house in the Tama Zoological Park, Hino City, Tokyo Metropolis, Japan.


Hedwig comes from places more north than Japan.

Japanese Words

Tama Zoological Park, 多摩動物公園Hino City, 日野市Tokyo Metropolis, 東京都, 東京県Kantō Region, 関東地方Japan, 日本Ural Owl, ふくろう

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