To RHOA fans, Leon Robinson is simply Cynthia Bailey’s ex and Noelle Robinson’s father. Yet to movie fanatics, Robinson is among the many notable top men.


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With duties in films like The small Richard Story and The five Heartbeats, he’s great at playing musical icons, among which to be David Ruffin in The Temptations mini-series. Interestingly, Robinson was initially to star together the group’s founder, Otis Williams.

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Leon Robinson initially cast as Otis Williams in ‘The Temptations’

Robinson to be fresh turn off of the success the his lead duty in The five Heartbeats, a music film around a fictional R&B team of the 1960s. When filming the project, Robinson met Williams, the founder that The Temptations. Williams was so impressed through Robinson’s performance that he readily available him a function in a biopic about The Temptations.

Robinson told Vlad TV in a current interview, “Because I remained in The 5 Heartbeats, i met Otis Williams,” that explains. “He called me he had actually a book and that he was making a movie deal and that as soon as the movie happens, he wants me come play him.”

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A few years later, Robinson sat with casting and the executives responsible because that The Temptations mini-series to comment on him play Williams. But, Robinson had actually other plans.

“I met v them through the blessing of Otis come play him in the movie…they knew the Otis wanted me to play the duty and so they were willing to begin negotiations but prior to they did, they want to speak to me very first and check out what I believed I need to play,” Robinson says. “And, ns told lock I’d be finest served this movie if ns played the duty of David Ruffin,”

Robinson states casting and also executives on the film to be ecstatic in ~ his pointer to play Ruffin. Thankfully, Williams to be understanding and also the remainder is history.

Leon Robinson shines as David Ruffin in ‘The Temptations’

Ruffin joined The Temptations as the group’s command singer in 1964. That led the group in some of their best hits, including “Ain’t as well Proud to Beg” and “I great It would certainly Rain.” Unfortunately, Ruffin’s medicine use and issues with his group members resulted in his exit in 1968.

Robinson shined together Ruffin in the film, comes out together the fan-favorite. A 1998 selection review that the movie praises Robinson for his solid portrayal the Ruffin, note “He breathes life into what can have to be a one-dimensional Ruffin.”

Some that Robinson’s occupational in the film was not component of the script, consisting of the iconic heat Ruffin states to Williams: “Ain’t nobody coming to watch you Otis.” Robinson claims he ceded the line v such conviction the it pissed turn off his co-star who illustrated Williams.

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Robinson speak Vlad:

“While we were rehearsing, I constantly stay in character, and so us were just doing the scene and that just came out,” that says. “The director come over and also whispered to me that the actor that I said it to doesn’t choose it once I speak that. And also I stated to him, ‘He’s not claimed to prefer it. Did you watch his face when I claimed it? Isn’t that what you want?’”

Obviously, the line made it into the final edit and also is the most known in the film.