Dextero Tires room made by Giti, a an international tire firm based in Singapore. The tires room soldexclusively at Walmart. Giti damaged ground ~ above a new U.S. Based manufacturing facility in southern Carolina,scheduled to it is in operational in 2017.An inspection of a Dextero DHT2 sidewall dot code reflects that certain tire (manufactured in mid-2014)was made by a Giti factory in Fujian, China.

They currently feature 2 tire models, the Touring All-Season DTR1 and also the Highway All-season DHT2for light trucks (LT) and also SUV/CUVs.

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The Dextero DTR1 comes in 30 sizes between 14-18". It also features a rather low 45k mile warranty, butfor the price, we think this is really reasonable. If you"re just in search of a simple passenger/touring tire, theDTR1 might fit the bill. But, us think the Ironman GR906is a much better rated vehicle tire.

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Dextero has a 50k mile guarantee on this LT/SUV/CUV tire, which has terrific reviews for the price.If you"re looking for a better rated tires for trucks and also SUVs, we would look at the general Grabberline of tires, i m sorry have customer ratings that 4.6 and higher.

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The Dextero DAT1 is a newer All-Terrain tire from Dextero Tire, make in southern Carolina. It appears to have actually very great ratings come start,at a very competitive price allude compared to many A/T tires ~ above the market. Us recommend compare this come the higher ratedIronman light truck and also SUV tires.

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"­The DEXTERO all TERRAIN DAT1 is an AT tires designed to deliver excellent power on or turn off the road. The tread is draft forsuperior tight on wet or dry roads and also offers great self-cleaning because that off-road traction. The rough tread compound attributes longtread life and also improved cut/chip resistance. Five-Pitch pattern technology reduces roadway noise because that a quiet and also comfortable ride.The DEXTERO all TERRAIN DAT1 is a fantastic choice for her SUV or Pickup Truck, with many sizes proud made in the USA."­

"Center Rib because that On-road stability and handling; vast shoulder channels for improved wet performance; Sidewall traction lugshelp to provide excellent tight in soft terrain; offset tread grooving to enhance Off-road traction; dimension Range: 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 & 20 inch;Speed Rating: S/ T/H; Series: 55, 65 - 75; UTQG: 520 A B; 50,000 usage Warranty (P-Metric size only.)"

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Pictured listed below is one unmounted Dextero DHT2 tire.


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