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Timothy cutting board Hasselbeck is a former American football quarterback who currently works as an ESPN analyst. He played for the brand-new York Giants, Washington Redskins, Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, Arizona Cardinals in the NFL, and also the NFL Europe's Berlin Thunder. He was a member of the Boston university football team. Matt Hasselbeck, a former NFL quarterback, is his younger brother. He is most famous for his marital relationship to TV personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck,


Tim Hasselbeck to be born ~ above April 6, 1978, in Norfolk, MA. Tim compliment from one NFL family and also followed in the footsteps the his father and also older brother. In the case of his brothers Matt, he complied with him right into the NFL and also attended the same college and also eventually earn the same starting position of the quarterback throughout his collegiate career.

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Tim is married come the TV personality Elisabeth Hasselbeck, that was his girlfriend in ~ Boston College. They had actually their an initial date in 1997, i m sorry they case lasted for about 14 hours. They had an immediate spark and also didn't desire their day to end. They had dinner at a local restaurant and also had their an initial kiss at the university football stadium. She thought her very first date through her husband was fate. They gained married in she hometown v a lover ceremony for 200 guests.

His wife, Elisabeth, is well known for gift a contestant ~ above Survivor and for her traditionalist views as co-host the the Emmy-winning ABC show The View. The display has a cast of every females. They shot to have actually females from various walks that life to carry out viewers with different viewpoints. Rumors began popping up that Elisabeth's conservative outlook was becoming much more and more unpopular v viewers, allegedly bring about her discontinuation from the show. Elisabeth join Fox and also Friends' right-wing morning news speak show more in line with her political beliefs. The pair has three kids, one daughter and two sons. On November 23, 2015, Elisabeth do a teary-eyed announcement that she was leaving tv to emphasis on she family.


Tim's tenure in the NFL lasted native 2002 come 2007, with six seasons on five different teams. Tim's network worth is 12 million dollars, an exceptional number, though no as high together his brother Matt's 18 million. Tim's brotherly commitment was put into question as soon as he publicly doubted his brother's ability to carry the Colts to success as the back-up quarterback once their beginning player to be injured. Despite Tim respects Matt as a player and loves him as a brother, he cited his older brother's age as a far-reaching hurdle to the team's success.

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Before your marriage, once he was asked whether Elizabeth would victory Survivor, he said that that had many hopes and that she would be a millionaire as soon as he married her. The Hasselbecks it seems ~ to have actually a great sense the humor. Tim has actually said the he is better known together "the friend of Elisabeth indigenous Survivor" than as one NFL quarterback. He regularly comes throughout as having actually a quiet and reserved demeanor. Elisabeth, on the other hand, is a human being who is constantly up to something. In 2010, the Hasselbecks perform a "job swap," request Elisabeth to administer live NFL commentary and Tim come improvise ~ above the morning talk show with the rest of the bubbly, all-female panel of The View.