1. What is wrong through the notation 1s22s22p63s23p63d104s24p2 for germanium (atomic number 32)?

a. The 4s subshell should appear before the 3d subshell.

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b. The 3p subshell should have much more than 6 electrons.

c. The 3d subshell can hold just 8 electrons.

d. The 4d subshell must receive electrons prior to the 4p subshell.


2. Why have to the 4s subshell it is in filled prior to the 3d?

a. The 4s subshell has better spherical symmetry than the 3d subshell.

b. The 4s subshell is farther from the nucleus than the 3d subshell.

c. The 4s subshell is at lower power than the 3d subshell.

d. The 4s subshell holds under electrons than the 3d subshell.


3. Write the electron construction for the Na+ ion, which has actually ten electrons.

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4. Write the electron construction for the Br- ion, which has thirty-six electrons.


In what group of the regular table would you find an facet withtwo valence electron in one S subshell (subenergy level) and also threevalence electrons in a p subshell (subenergy levels)?I have actually 5 choices to pick from, however I"m not sure just how we choosethese...any clarification and also explanation would certainly beappreciated.Here room the 5 options:a.) IAb.) IIAc.) IIIAd.) IVAe.) VA


What is the maximum feasible electrons in a 3f subshell? 0 b. How numerous electrons can have the quantum numbers n = 5, together = 4, m_1 = -1 2 c. Determine the subshell stood for by this quantum numbers n = 4, together = 2 4d d. What facet has 3 valence electron in the 6p covering Bi e. How many unpaired electrons are present in the floor state that Copper 1(one) f. Identify the element that has actually 4 valence electrons, among which has this quantum number n = 3, together = 1, m_l = -1, m_s = 1/2 Si g. Surname the quantum number that determines the orientation of an atomic orbital Magnetic orientation

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