Which among the complying with sentences consists of an incorrect consumption of the singular possessive? a. Mary was dominant amongst jesus" disciples. B. The alpha masculine is often the pack"s leader. C. Icarus"s fate to be sealed as soon as he approached the sun. D. The north fourty has always been mine family"s land.

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"Icarus"s fate was sealed once he approached the sun" is the one among the complying with sentences that contains one incorrect consumption of the singular possessive. The exactly option among all the choices that are provided in the concern is the third option or alternative "C". I hope the answer has actually helped you.



A singular possessive noun is created by including apostrophe (") to the noun. This is done so in stimulate to display the possession of the noun.

But to use apostrophe to create singular noun possession there are details grammatical rules.

If a singular noun is finishing with "s" climate apostrophe deserve to be added after with words without including "s" or with including "s". Both methods are correct.

In option A, over there is no possession shown. And the correct intake of singular possession for alternative A would be "Mary to be dominant among Jesus" disciples.

So, the correct answer is option A.

A possessive no ownership indicate by adding quotation marks, "s" or both. To make a singular own noun, just include the quotation marks and "s."

Further Explanation

Possess pronouns room pronouns that role to indicate ownership. In a sentence, this word deserve to position itself together a subject, complementary subject, or direct object.

This native is comparable to own adjectives (also referred to as possessive determinants) - similar but various in structure. Own nouns move the possessive nouns that room placed prior to the noun to explain them.

Possessive pronouns are used to compile ownership objects. Related to any type of predecessor or antecedent, singular or plural, relating to the object of ownership.

Hers and her are female, his for male, if it"s for gender-neutral.

Possessive PronounMine has actually worn out.I favor yours.This is hers.They are using ours.Yours space on the table.Theirs space the ideal for dry skin.Possessive AdjectiveMy shoes have worn out.I prefer your style.This is her scarf.They space using ours tools.Your tickets space on the table.Their commodities are the ideal for dried skin.

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B. Icarus’s fate was sealed when he approached the sun.

C). Icarus"s fate was sealed when he approached the sun.


A singular own noun is simply shown by the usage of letter "s" ~ the apostrophe that mirrors ownership or possession. For example, "Joseph"s book", "Sophia"s puppy", "Mr. Clarke"s car", etc.

As per the question, the sentence the carries an incorrect consumption of the singular possessive due to the fact that should have actually been "Icarus" rather of "Icarus"s" together the rule says the a solitary apostrophe(") could be provided in situation of the noun finishing with consonant "s" which helps avoid repetition the the very same consonant sound consecutively and make it more readable. Therefore, it mistakenly employs the singular possessive is incorrectly employed here and also hence, alternative C is the exactly answer.

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C. Icarus"s fate to be sealed once he approached the sun.


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