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In a single instead of reaction, a solitary element replace instead instead an atom in a compound creating a new compound and also a pure element. Like twin replacement reactions, metals always replace metals and nonmetals constantly replace nonmetals in a compound.

Alright therefore we're going to talk about solitary replacement reactions, friend might likewise know them as single displacement reactions, there're exactly the exact same thing just various ways of speak them. This once an aspect replaces one more element in a compound and know that steels replace metals, non-metals change non-metals. Non-metals will never ever replace metals or angry versa, they'll only replace chin or the only type of reaction the it is or element that the is. So us have, let's look at this just a an easy reaction we have a+bx yields ax+b okay let's analyze this. For this reason we have a+bx we understand that b is the metal, just how do we know b is the metal? due to the fact that in ionic compounds metals always come prior to non-metals.Okay and know a, a need to be a metal likewise because in this situation a is instead of b, metals replace metals okay. Therefore an easy means to remember something choose that is to actually like and think around them dance okay, therefore we have actually BX are dancing with each other b is the metal we're going to say the Boy, when boys and also girls dance, boys are commonly the leader so b is going come lead and also x is going to follow. The non-metals space girls are going come follow and a will replace b in this case. Alright so let's look at something that's in reality a actual reaction. We have actually copper i m sorry we recognize is a metal and also we have actually silver nitrate notice that silver- is first, it's a metal. So in this instance silver is walking to change copper, the steels are walk to change each other. So then our commodities are going to be silver plus copper 2 nitrate.Okay, so how do we recognize that silver- is, copper is walk to replace silver in a reaction. Fine sometimes metals replace metals however sometimes naught will occur so how do we know? fine we need to go over to our task series, it s okay you might have acquired this paper in class there's no should memorize that you'll always pretty much have actually it in former of friend if you require it. We have actually the most active metals, the metals that are exceptionally reactive up at top and also the least energetic metals in ~ the bottom okay. Let's say, let's go back to our dancing analogy and also say that we, that magnesium and also chloride are dancing together. Remember magnesium is the metal, the boy chloride is a non-metal of the girl. It s okay then up comes follow me potassium, potassium is favor hey chlorine would you like to dance and chlorine is like heck yes I would to dance v you.It's going to ditch magnesium and now dance v potassium, potassium is a much more active metal. Let's go back and speak okay, let's go back to the beginning and also say magnesium is walk to be dancing v chlorine and also iron come up, is chlorine going come dance through iron and also ditch magnesium? No, iron is not as desirable or it's no as active okay, so that's not going to happen. Therefore if it's lower down on the activity collection the reaction is not going to take it place, if it's high up on the activity series that reaction will take place. And this is the means that non-metals replace each other, very same idea. For this reason let's go and let's execute some examples, it s okay so we have actually potassium through itself and also we have zinc chloride.Okay potassium is walk to go up and also say alright chloride would certainly you choose to dance through me? You're going come look at her activity series zinc is nice low, potassium is a small bit higher up. Chlorine is going to be favor heck yeah, I'll dance v you so what's going to happen is potassium and chloride space going to come together. It s okay so don't mind the 2 they have to come with each other properly, therefore we have actually the potassium we're simply going to do a to add charge and also we have actually a chlorine i beg your pardon is walking to make a minus charge. Perform what we do and this is a 1 here it's going to exchange the numbers at the bottom and you're going to make potassium chloride KCl don't mental the 2 we'll take it of that once we balance the equation. And then zinc is going come be all alone zinc, okay so currently we have to balance currently that we have actually the products. We have 2 chlorine on this side, we're walk to put a huge 2 here which means we have actually 2 potassiums and also I'll placed a 2 here, now we have a balanced equation and also this is a single replacement reaction. Let's look at the next one, we have iron and also once you replace sodium and also dance with phosphate. So can iron do that? Let's look at our task series, steel is down here, salt is up here. There's no method phosphate is going come ditch salt to dance with iron, no way so the reaction is no going to happen. Okay I'm going come say no reaction. They'll simply going come hang the end together and also this iron will certainly not be able to react through sodium phosphate no reaction. This activity series we desire to recognize where it comes from, I will certainly go to the electro Chemistry film and also talk around it, as we talk around the details of that there. Okay so let's actually check out a solitary replacement reaction in action.Things space going to take place here and also I have bored the end this egg and emptied out its components and allowed it to dry, there space holes in either finish of that a few millimeters in diameter and also what I'm walking to carry out is take part Vaseline and I'm going to coat the bottom third of the egg, not the whole, the bottom 3rd of the egg v Vaseline choose that. And also now I'm walk to place the egg within of the glass bottle and also then the quite plate seal in between the next of the glass bottle and that egg and also next after the I'm going to go ahead and also take my reagent bottle an alert how I revolve my hand over grab the stopper, store my mouth away and also the nose away from the contents of the reagent bottle exact same hand and also I pour some hydrochloric acid otherwise recognize as acid inside the the Erlenmeyer flask.I have approximately 50 milliliters inside and I covering up the hydrochloric acid eliminate the reagent party from the speculative demonstration table and off to the next it goes, climate I have actually some zinc here and I'm going to to water the zinc inside simply make certain I have my barbecue lighter out below which is actually an extremely important and also here we go, safety and security goggles are on, gas is being produced, the coming turn off there and also I cover the height of the egg to catch the hydrogen gas which is being produced. Therefore the egg chin is filling up v hydrogen gas. And also I'm walk to allow that reaction to run for around another 15 seconds and also take this turn off the bottom below remove source of hydrogen gas, irradiate the barbecue lighter and wait due to the fact that it's a very little flame yet it's a centimeter tall on optimal of the egg which you may not have the ability to see and also I'm actually going to revolve off the lights so you have the right to see what's walking on there. And also then it explodes, that was exciting.Alright so let's talk around what we simply saw in that video, we have hydrochloric acid in the Erlenmeyer flask that then included zinc chips okay, and also then they an unified to do hydrogen gas i beg your pardon we witnessed escaping indigenous the Erlenmeyer flask and going in that tube approximately the funnel and also inside the egg and also left in the Erlenmeyer flask we have actually zinc chloride okay. Now we understand that hydrogen gas we tested it due to the fact that remember he placed it with the egg and also lit it on fire among the main qualities of hydrogen is that it's very flammable. We observed it actually explode, which indicated that yes we did create some hydrogen gas, we likewise know the this totality reaction is incredibly exothermic together he had on the whiteboard in the back. What does that mean? It means that it produces a many energy, for this reason if you in reality touch the Erlenmeyer flask it will certainly be very, an extremely hot meaning it produced a lot of heat throughout this reaction. So we likewise want to note that yes this is a metal, hydrogen isn't a non-metal, hydrogen is just one of our rare exceptions that it will certainly act together a metal due to the fact that it's in group 1 however we understand that it's a non-metal. For this reason in this situation hydrogen is going come act together a metal.Hydrogen has actually a the majority of funny characteristics and also it'll act as a steel sometimes and also act as a non-metal various other times. In this case it acted prefer a metal letting zinc change it.

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Therefore that's nice much single replacement reaction. Hope that was helpful.