According come the regulations in the unified states, the correct method to write $ 450.05 in indigenous on examine would it is in :Four hundreds fifty and also 05/100hope this helps

Which is the correct method to compose $450.05 in indigenous on a check? The correct method to compose the number shown over in indigenous on a check is the following: Four hundred Fifty and also 05/100.I hope it helps, Regards.

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"Four hundreds fifty and 05/100".

Step-by-step explanation:

Given : Number

To find : i m sorry is the correct way to write the provided number in indigenous on a check?

Solution :


According to the regulations of the united states,

We deserve to write the number in two components as

First we compose $450 in native as four hundred fifty.

Then, 0.05 be written as


Together the number is composed as 4 hundred fifty and 05/100

Therefore, The correct form of creating $450.05 ~ above a examine in indigenous is "Four hundred fifty and 05/100".

answer: "four hundreds fifty dollars and five cents."

step-by-step explanation:

since we have provided that


we need to write in indigenous on a check.

so, very first we create it in expanded form:


so, there are 4 hundreds, 5 tens and 5 hundredths.

but hundredths method cents there.


so, in native , it will certainly be created as

"four hundred fifty dollars and also five cents."

hence, very first option is correct.

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According to the regulations in the united states, the correct way to write$ 450.05 in native on inspect would be :Four hundred and fifty and 05/100
Eight hundreds fifty dollars and five cents-eight hundred fifty and five percentage percent dollars -eight hundred fifty and also 05/100. Rate me in ~ if mine answer to be rigth
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