Ecuador’s capital, Quito, is among the most renowned cities in the equatorial region of the planet.

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And not because it is the biggest or anything, but because it is located simply a kilometer from the equator parallel.

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Even the state itself is called after the equator. The population of this Latin American metropolis is around 2.6 million people and continues to prosper rapidly.

9. Nairobi, Kenya (1°17′0″S)

The resources of Kenya, Nairobi, is situated in the equatorial components of Africa. The city has actually a populace of practically 3.4 million inhabitants and also is yes, really beautiful.

It combines classic African soul with the cosmopolitan environment that each contemporary megalopolis brings.

8. Cali, Colombia (3° 25′ 14″ N)

Cali is a large and dynamic metropolis v a modern-day spirit and has a populace of over 3.4 million people.

The city is amongst the many important business centers of the continent. It is a city of contrasts where contemporary architecture meets the timeless historical style of Colombia.

7. Fortaleza, Brazil (3° 43′ 6″ S)

With a population of 3.6 million people, Fortaleza is among the biggest equatorial urban in the world.

The city, however, is recognized for other else.

It is famed for the reality that it is a wonderful place to live or to spend your holidays, particularly if you space close to the paradise beaches.

6. Guayaquil, Ecuador (2° 11′ 0″ S)

Guayaquil is a huge metropolis top top the Pacific coast of Ecuador and also is among the largest cities in equatorial south America.

The city has a populace of 3.8 million people.

As a common megalopolis in Latin America, Guayaquil is a place of an excellent contrasts in between rich and also poor, luxury and also poverty.

5. Medan, Indonesia (3° 35′ 0″ N)

Medan is a vast city in Indonesia, and also it has a population of around 4.1 million people. It is located in the northern component of the island of Sumatra.

Although less famous in compare with various other cities top top the list, Medan is a beautiful and also colorful metropolis the carries the spirit of the Orient.

4. Singapore (1° 17′ 0″ N)

Kuala Lumpur, the ultramodern metropolis the Malaysia, which is famed with the breathtaking architecture, is situated not far from the equator.

With its population of 5.7 million people, this dynamic city is one of the busiest in the equatorial areas of our planet.

2. Bogota, Colombia (4° 35′ 53″ N)

The funding of Colombia, Bogota, is a vast city! It has actually a population of about 7.7 million people and is the 2nd largest city in the equatorial region of the planet.

However, the climate the Bogota is really fresh and cool.

Its climate is very different native what is intended from an equatorial city and is rather similar with the climate that the British resources London.

The factor is the vast height over sea level that Bogota.

1. Kinshasa, democratic Republic of the Congo (4° 19′ 30″ S)

The capital of the democratic Republic of the Congo is the largest city in the equatorial regions of the planet.

The substantial metropolis located south of the equator has actually a population of end 9 million inhabitants.

The roadways are constantly crowded with thousands of thousands the people.

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The wet equatorial climate and high humidity furthermore make the environment in the city in which method heavy and hectic.