Ecruteak City

Ecruteak City is very Japanese-themed. Begin out by going right into the houseright alongside the gym. The guy inside will provide you the Dowsing MCHN, whichhelps you uncover hidden items. Get in the run Theater, phibìc of the Pokemon Center.You"ll conference an argument between a Team Rocket Grunt and also a Kimono Girl.Help she by fighting turn off the Grunt. Afterwards, as you try to gain off the dance stage,an old guy will provide you HM 03 - Surf. Girlfriend won"t be able to go to the gym yet;go find the gym leader in burned Tower in ~ the northern component of the city.Before just prior to you walk there, an initial head east onto course 42. As you walk close to the cave entrance, a Hiker will jump out and also give friend HM 04 - Strength.Pick increase TM 65 - zero Claw. Then, head back to melted Tower.

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Burned Tower

Enter burned Tower and walk right. Eusine, a man looking for Suicune,will introduce himself to you. The gym leader, Morty, is stand nearby. To walk upthe right side of the large hole and Rival will challenge you to a battle. Competitor hasa lv. 18 Zubat, lv. 20 Gastly, lv. 20 Magnemite, and a lv. 22 Croconaw. Afterdefeating him, go past the stairs, battle the trainer, pick up the Antidote,and fight the trainer top top the various other side. Stop the rock on the southwest cornerto pick up one HP Up. Now head down the stairs.

It"s Entei, Suicune, and Raikou, the legendary Beasts! Walk near them and also they"llrun away. Eusine comes down to talk to you about your encounter and runs away.Push away the boulders (push the bottom one left and also the optimal one up), and pickup TM 12 - Taunt in ~ the northwest corner. Now get out the there and go come the gym.

Ecruteak Gym

Ecruteak Gym is really dark. You have the right to only see small portions of it in ~ a timeas friend walk through. The trainers here use Ghost Pokemon. Morty, the gym leader,has a lv. 21 Gastly, lv. 21 haunter, lv. 23 Haunter, and also a lv. 25 Gengar.After defeating Morty, he"ll offer you the Fog Badge, which will allow Pokemonup to lv. 50 to follow you and also give friend the capability to use Surf. He"ll likewise give youTM 30 - shadow Ball.

Now head west onto path 38.

Route 38

Route 38 is a level ol" route with trainers and items. It easily turns intoRoute 39.

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Route 39

As you go into Route 39, a guy named Baoba, that runs the Safari Zone,will exchange numbers with you to notify you as soon as the Safari region opens.Head west come the Moomoo Farm. One of the Miltank is sick and also unable come producemilk. You can help heal her by feeding her a bunch that Oran Berries. Onceshe"s healed, you"ll have the ability to buy Moomoo Milk here. In ~ the southwesterncorner, you"ll discover TM 60 - drainpipe Punch. Now head all the means south, battlesome trainers, and you"ll obtain to Olivine City.