Léonie Martin, Disciple and also Sister that St. Thérèse the Lisieux

A disciple the the method of confidence and also love

A blog about Leonie Martin, the disciple and also sister of St. Therese of Lisieux, who became Sister Francoise-Therese, a nun that the Visitation at Caen.

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September 05, 2010 St. Therese the Lisieux - the hundredth anniversary of the first exhumation of her body ~ above September 6, 1910 September 05, 2010/ Maureen O"Riordan

Today is the centenary that the first exhumation that the relics of St. Therese the Lisieux. ~ above September 6, 1910 the body of sisters Therese that the boy Jesus to be exhumed from her grave in the Carmelite plot at the municipal cemetery at Lisieux because that the very first time. Therese had actually been buried here on the morning that October 4, 1897 ~ a funeral Mass at Lisieux Carmel. A tiny funeral processionfollowed she body to the cemetery that day. Her sister Leonie led them, since her uncle, Isidore Guerin, was ill. Isidore had recently purchase this plot in the town cemetery because that the usage of the Carmelite nuns, and also his niece Therese to be the an initial to be hidden there.

It was to this grave the the very first pilgrims came, plenty of to offer thanks for favors and also cures got from God through the intercession the Sister Therese. Part miracles took place at the tomb. On may 25, 1908, the mommy of small Reine Fauquet, a four-year-old girl from Lisieux that was blind, lugged her child to Therese"s tomb. The next day the child"s vision was all of sudden restored. Dr. La Neele, Therese"s cousin by marriage, that did no favor the introduction of she cause, nevertheless had to sign a certificate attesting come the cure. (See Therese and also Lisieux by Pierre Descouvement and also Helmut-Nils Loose. Toronto, Ontario: Novalis, 1996, p. 316).


Bishop Lemonnier that Bayeux prays with the Archbishop that Paris in ~ Therese"s grave.

Though Therese had passed away less than thirteen years before, the process to inquire into her sanctity was currently underway. The tribunal convened by the bishop of the diocese the Bayeux had begun in respectable 1910 come interview witnesses at Lisieux.

The tradition of exhuming the body of a human being who can be declared a saint was rooted in the time when the Church considered, amongst other criteria, even if it is the human body of the candidate had actually been preserved. Since the Church has discovered that incorruptibility might be caused by ecological conditions, exhumation is no longer necessary.For more about this concern see, thanks to net Archive, the post by Dwight Longenecker.

The night before Therese"s exhumation, she showed up to mommy Carmela that the heart of Jesus, the prioress of the Carmel that Gallipoli in Italy.Mother Carmela was not aware that the body of Therese was to be exhumed in France the next day. She reported the Therese"s "countenance was really beautiful and shining, her apparel glittered with a light together of transparent silver." Therese stated to she "Only mine bones will certainly be found." (See Storm that Glory: The Story that St. Therese that Lisieux, by john Beevers. New York: Doubleday, 1955, p. 128). "The wonder of Gallipoli" by Giovanni Ricciardi. This miracle confirmed herlittle method and was given a one-of-a-kind session in thediocesan process>.

The exhumation that Sister Therese"s human body took place in the existence of Bishop Lemonnier, the bishop that Bayeux, and also of around a hundred other people. Dr. De Corniere and also Dr. La Neele, who looked after ~ Therese in she illness, to be present and confirmed that her body had degenerated in the usual way soon after her death. Therese had said "You will certainly not find me anything but a little skeleton." she sister Pauline videotaped that on respectable 20, 1897, Therese had actually said come her, "with a happy and mischievious air: "I shall quickly be in the horrors the the tomb! and also you will certainly be there also, little Mother! and when I see you arrive next to me, my humbled bones will leap v gladness!" (See St. Therese of Lisieux: she Last Conversations. Washington, D.C.: ICS Publications, 1977, p. 156).


The very first exhumation that the body of the servant of God, sister Therese the the kid Jesus that the divine Face, in ~ the Lisieux cemetery ~ above September 6, 1910

Only the bones covered with bits of fabric remained. However the palm branch that had been inserted inside once she was buried was tho fresh and also green, together it is today. To be this God"s way of confirming the God had granted Therese"s desire to success "the palm that martyrdom"? "that therefore I may become a martyr of her love, O my God!"


Souvenirs of the first exhumation: the palm branch; bits the the coffin

Pauline wrote that on July 3, 1897 she stated to Therese: "When you are dead, they will ar a palm in her hand." Therese answered, "Yes, yet I"ll need to let it walk whenever I want to, in order to provide graces by the handful to my tiny Mother. Ns will need to do everything that will certainly be satisfaction to me." (See Last Conversations, p. 72).

The gravediggers i found it the odor of violets that come from the rotting board of the disk casket. (Therese and Lisieux, p. 310). Dwight Longenecker mentions the remarks of one of the witnesses to the exhumation about this scent.


Today the same cross, currently enclosed in stone and glass, that marked Therese"s first grave from 1897 through 1910 point out the site where that an initial grave was. The statue nearby marks the site of her 2nd grave.Part that the Carmelite plot in the town cemetery. The cross marks the website of Therese"s first grave (1897-1910); the statue clues her 2nd grave (1910-1923).


After this an initial exhumation, Therese"s body to be reburied in a cemented vault in a different burial plot close to the facility of the Carmelite plot.

The second grave that Sister Therese the the son Jesus of the Holy confront (1910-1923).

As Therese"s fame spread, cultivation numbers that pilgrims pertained to visit this second grave.

Pilgrims pray at the second grave of St. Therese. Many who had actually been cured through the intercession of Therese left your crutches and canes over there in thanksgiving.

The overcome that significant this 2nd grave is on display screen today in ~ the "parcours Theresien," a beautiful display of objects linked with Therese at the Lisieux Carmel.

On exhibition in the "parcours Theresien" at Lisieux Carmel, the cross that significant Therese"s second grave (1910-1923)

Pilgrims scribbled your petitions and also thanksgivings almost everywhere the cross.

Today a statue point out the site of Therese"s second grave, where her body stayed until it was returned to Carmel on march 26, 1923, a month prior to she was beatified.

Statue noting the point out in Lisieux cemetery whereby Therese was buried, 1910-1923

At the basic of the statue space written (in French) Therese"s indigenous "My God, You have actually surpassed mine expectations, and also I want to sing of her mercies."

Several various other Carmelites are likewise buried in the plot wherein Therese"s second grave was, including her prioress, mommy Marie de Gonzague; she novice mistress, sister Marie that the Angels; and Mother Marie-Ange of the child Jesus, who gone into Lisieux Carmel after Therese"s death. Profoundly encouraged of Therese"s sanctity, she petitioned Bishop Lemonnier ~ above the really day of her election together prioress in 1908 to open up the cause of Therese, and he granted her petition.

Plate bearing the name of three nuns buried in the very same plot: mother Marie de Gonzague, Therese"s prioress; sister Marie that the Angels, Therese"s novice mistress; and also Mother Marie-Ange the the kid Jesus, a prioress who gone into after Therese"s death

Three of Therese"s novices, sister Martha of Jesus, sisters Marie-Madeleine of the Blessed Sacrament, and also Sister Marie of the Trinity, are also buried here.

Mme. Tifenne, a girlfriend of the Martin household from Alencon and also the godmother of Therese"s sister Leonie, maintained that this frostbite resembled Therese much more than any other. (See Collected tiny Flower functions by Rev. Albert Dolan. Chicago: Carmelite Press, 1929, p. 160.

Statue noting the site of Therese"s 2nd grave in the plot her uncle bought in the town cemetery for the Carmelites

As us pass through the years leading up to the centenary of Therese"s canonization, we will celebrate the centenary of countless important events, including the nearby of the diocesan process, the opening of the reason at Rome, the Apostolic Process, the 2nd exhumation, the explanation of Pope Benedict XV that Therese exercised heroic virtue (on which occasion he yielded a lengthy proclamation recommending her way of confidence and love come the whole Church), the solemn translate into of Therese"s relics come the Carmel, her beatification, and also her canonization. Might they be occasions the grace because that the entirety world.

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For permission to use photos I say thanks to the so late Fr. J. Linus Ryan and photographers Peter and Liane Klostermann, Juan Marrero, and also Jesus Moreno Pacheco.