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Date: 2015Artist: Carmen Lomas GarzaGeography: san Francisco, CACulture: AmericanMedium: Wood, Paint, Metal, CanvasClassification: PaintingAccession Number: 2015.6.1

This thing is a painting entitled “A Plaza in Texas in the 1930’s” by artist Carmen Lomas Garza, a Chicana rigid artist, motivated by the Chicano Movement, Carmen’s paint depicts every day occasions in the lives of Mexican-Americans. Her paints are based upon her memories and also experiences of cultivation up in south Texas. Carmen Lomas Garza to be born in Kingsville, Texas in 1948. In ~ a really young period Carmen knew she want to it is in an artist and also pursued every opportunity to enhance her skills. In ~ the age of 13, she teach herself just how to draw and also learned about the basics of art by checking out books from her regional library. She also practiced drawing every day and drew photos of people she observed at school, at home, and also in her neighborhood.

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Carmen is a graduate that the Texas arts & market University (now recognized as Texas A & M University-Kingsville), Juarez-Lincoln/Antioch Graduate School, and San Francisco State university where she earn her understand of arts in 1981. She is the receiver of numerous awards and has exhibited her work-related in galleries and also museums throughout the joined States, including the Smithsonian American arts Museum. In 1990, Childrens publication Press released a bilingual book which concentrated on Lomas Garza’s paintings and short stories. The book, entitled Family Pictures/Cuadros de Familia shows paintings and also text showing what it was like cultivation up in a little South Texas town in a mexico American family. Carmen Lomas Garza stated, “The images in this book are painted from mine memories of growing up in Kingsville, Texas, close to the border with Mexico. This is my publication of household pictures.”


Book Cover because that “Making Magic Windows”

Since 1996 there have actually been three an ext books published using Carmen’s paints they room titled In mine Family/En Mi Familia, Magic Windows/Ventanas Magicas, and Making Magic Windows:Creating Papel Picado/Cut-Paper Art through Carmen Lomas Garza. The publications have been very popular selling an ext than 700,000 because the year 1990.

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In many of she paintings, like this one, Lomas Garza offers “monitos” or small figures. These tiny figures are exactly how she portrays her family, neighbors, and even pets. This paint shows different monitos in ~ a plaza. The figures show couples dancing, children playing and families out together. The most essential theme in Lomas Garza’s paints tend to it is in family. Her paintings emphasis on family traditions and values. Few of her paintings include images of family members out in ~ a date of birth party, quinceañera, having dinner, or at a tamalada. Lomas Garza stated, “Every time ns paint, it offer a purpose–to bring about pride in our mexican American culture. My art is a way of healing… prefer the sávila plant heals burns and scrapes when applied by a loving parental or grandparent.”

Today Carmen Lomas Garza does speak events, and also hosts workshops, she also still paints and also her artwork have the right to be uncovered in a selection of various exhibitions, consisting of the Los Tejanos exhibit below at the julianum.net academy of Texan Cultures. The Los Angeles Unified college District has named a primary school after her referred to as Carmen Lomas Garza main Center, i m sorry she says has actually been the best honor.