WETM-TV reports the brand-new York State Assembly has actually passed a brand-new bill the would readjust the legal period for offer alcohol or managing open containers native 18 year old to 21. The drinking age is 21 in all U.S. States, yet NY and an ext than 30 other states currently permit liquor come be offered at age 18.

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The invoice would impact bars and wineries across the empire State, as well as recent high school graduates or university students working in the company industry. One 18-year-old bartender said WTEM the she would certainly be forced to go ago to hostessing, whereby she just makes minimum wage.

"The regulation is the law we're absolutely not going come jeopardize our business to work approximately that situation yet it definitely would influence the chance for the kids that we do have," man Robinson, general manager at Mooney's sports Bar & Grill in large Flats, said the TV station. "We've gained a handful, probably 5 to 15 employees the are around 18, 19 year old."

The bill was passed last month through the NYS Assembly and would come to be law if if signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo. The legislative is at this time not in session, but the bill says it would take effect at least 30 job after becoming law.

The bill would likewise increase restrictions on beer and also wine tastings in ~ wineries and also other businesses. No much more than five 5-ounce samples the beer, 6 3-ounce samples that wine, 5 5-ounce samples of tough cider or 3 0.25-ounce samples of liquor can be served to the exact same customer; each sample is also required to be different, so client cannot shot two samples that the exact same drink.

***Update: Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and Senator Patrick Gallivan, who sponsored the bill, stated the changes only apply to sales taxes exemption because that tastings at breweries, cideries, wineries, and also distilleries.

"This would certainly in no method impact who have the right to serve alcohol for on-premise retailers such as bars and also restaurants," they stated in a share statement Tuesday. "We have been working on providing tax relief to encourage NY assets over the last pair of years. Throughout this time, plenty of conversations with sector representatives and State agency officials occurred. I have actually been assured that the bill will certainly not be sent to the branch for factor to consider until the end of the year, when we will certainly request a chapter amendment to resolve the 21-year-old period limit and any other unintended consequences."

The new York State Brewers Association said in a statement the it's functioning to to win the age change for serving drinks.

"The 21 and also over language is not great and we space working to strike that from the bill prior to it is signed right into law,", Paul Leone, executive director that the NYS Brewers Association, said.

According come WTEM, the bill also makes the illegal for a winery to serve the same person twice in the exact same day.

"In our service we can have people that have a tasting right here leave our premises and also then return later in the day possibly to just refresh themselves on one of the wines castle had before they purchase," Lakewood Vineyard manager David rubber stamp told the station. "That would be a large exposure because that us due to the fact that when somebody has a second taste that a alcohol that would be a violation the this law."

Note: This story has been updated v statements from Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo and also Senator Patrick Gallivan, who sponsored the bill, and also the New York State Brewers Association.

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