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Have you ever before come throughout a male who looked girlfriend up and down? I certain did, and also it made me curious – and a tiny bit concerned.

As i am no mind leader (though life would be much better if we are, right?), ns did some research on why a guy looks friend up and also down.

Here room the 11 common reasons:

1) He finds you attractive

Congratulations beautiful, it looks choose you recorded the eye of another guy!

While it’s often the case, you shouldn’t i think this outright. It suck to come as much as a guy, simply to learn that his up-and-down look was not due to attraction.

For one, there are 9 various other reasons why he is looking in ~ you (they’re all provided below).

So if you want to be 100% certain (and save challenge along the way), then you need to observe because that these human body language cues the say he’s really into you:

His eyebrows rise and fall at very first look. Be fast to capture this, as it can only last for a fifth of a second!He maintains slightly increased eyebrows while you’re talking. Not only does it present openness, but it’s also a sign of attraction. He just can’t assist but look at you!His lips component often. This is thought about a solid flirting signal, especially if he licks it while he is looking at you.He has flared nostrils and an ‘open’ face.He stands directly in front of girlfriend – and also leans forward most of the time.He’s quick to assist you out, i.e. Lend you his pullover or coat so friend won’t feeling cold.

2) he’s attracted to you – yet he’s embarrassy (and nervous)

While most guys uncover it simple to speak to females they’re attractive to, some guys don’t have nerves of steel.

So if a male looks friend up and down – he might do so because he’s awkward or nervous.

According to society worker kris MacLeod, shyness can conveniently make a man anxious, inhibited, and also deathly nervous.

This nervousness, however, is a normal component of the body’s stress and anxiety response. It’s a way of taking care of an ‘imagined’ threat. In this case, that the possibility of you composing him off.

Sadly, this man may also be suffering from social stress or social phobia. Men (and girls) who have actually this problem find the severely uncomfortable come meet new people.

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As there are many reasons why a man looks girlfriend up and down, it pays to be sure.

One method is come pay fist to these body language cues that convey nervousness:

Rubbing his face, eyes, nose, neck, arms, or upper legs (this is another kind of anxiety-soothing mechanism)Fidgeting, finger or feet tapping, foot jiggling, and foot-to-foot shifting. Doing any type of of these have the right to help transition the emphasis away from the feel of nervousness.

3) he’s flirting through you


Yes, a guy who looks girlfriend up and also down may be attractive to you.

But for some guys, it’s additionally a method of flirting through you.

Some males think the looking friend up and down is flattering. The his way of speak “I like you” there is no muttering any word.

If she unsure if that is flirting through you, then you have to be on the lookout because that these various other flirtatious signs:

He’s flat-out staring at you.

Apart indigenous looking girlfriend up and down, he simply can’t seem to take his gaze far from you. But can girlfriend blame him? girlfriend look fabulous!

He’s every smiles whenever she around.

It could be a boring party, yet he’s all cheery when you’re near. His friends may even think he is crazy for smiling so. Damn. Much.

He likes getting close to you.

He’ll shot to acquire as close to to you together possible. That doesn’t care if his friends are on the other side the the room!

He’s being a full show-off.

You no ask him to flex his muscles, but he does. And also if they’re worth showing, why the hell not?

He’s trying to it is in funny.

He operation jokes here and there – also if they’re no funny at all! (Kudos to guys who deserve to actually do you ugly-laugh.)

He constantly gives you compliments.

He likes her hair, makeup, dress, shoes – basically the whole shebang.

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He recalls whatever you had told him.

You mentioned that you had actually a cat – and he casually autumn her surname mid-conversation.

He make the efforts to assist you.

Lost her phone? He’ll flip the sofa and also look in every nook and also cranny to uncover your phone. He’ll even ask her phone number to speak to it (which, by the way, is a pretty quite move).

4) he’s trying to decode her body language

Say the the man is totally into you. But before he move in because that the kill, he might look you up and also down one critical time.

This, of course, is a means for the to check out your body language.

So why is there a require for men to do this?

For one, nobody likes to be rejected. Simply when you think she in the clear, friend surprisingly obtain a difficult ‘pass’.

Rejection, while heartbreaking because that both genders, deserve to be pretty rough for men.

According to Psychology Today, it’s since men take it rejection as a ‘challenge to your masculinity’. Because that some, the an humiliation to their place in today’s social hierarchy.

So if a man goes berserk once you refuse him a date, this is probably one of the factors why.

To stop this rejection, a male may instinctively look girlfriend up and down to review your human body language.

Of course, he’ll make a move once that sees ‘positive’ body language cues – a.k.a signs that you may be right into him together well.

Here are few of them:

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You’re laugh a lot. That wouldn’t be happy to view a gorgeous guy?You’re blushing. This reddening might be a result of the praise and also positive fist you’re acquiring from the guy.Your human body is pointed in the direction of him (a sign of open body language).You’re preening or unconsciously addressing yourself around him.You’re feather or staring in ~ him together well.

And even if you present him the you’re simply as interested, he can not do a move just yet.

Here are some factors why a guy may be doubtful to method you even if you’re great to go:

You’re constantly on the call – so you better put it down, at least for the meantime!You’re never alone. Perhaps it’s time to tell your girlfriends to disperse for just a minute.There’s a most guys approximately you. No disrespect!You’re cynical to make eye contact. Eyes are the windows to the soul, therefore it’s time to exchange looks together well.

5) that adores your body

As the lyrics go, the all about sex baby.

Your physical asset might be the key reason why a male looks friend up and down. Yes, he’s just making googly eyes over her body – reasoning he wouldn’t obtain caught.

Apart native doing a great sweep of your physique, below are some other indications that he’s just interested in your body:

His rigid lingers at your cleavage, legs, or the junk in your trunkHe licks his lips while he stares at youHe tries come touch your hand, waist, or shouldersHe asks research questions about your sex lifeHe shuts under as quickly as you refuse him sex

If you’re up for a casual rendezvous, then, by every means, walk ahead! yet if you aren’t, then you need to break it to him gently. Here’s exactly how to revolve a man down – without unnecessarily crushing his soul:

Don’t ghost him. Be ethical – but don’t be unkind or tactless.Tell that face-to-face.Don’t give any false hopes, however do try to offer friendship (if he’s up to it).

6) What would certainly a gifted torture say?

Dating can be confusing and it’s only natural to have a lot of questions.

For example, you could find yourself wondering even if it is he yes, really likes you? room you expected to be through him?

So might getting some exterior guidance help?

During a really difficult relationship, I found that speak to a gifted torture from Kasamba was super helpful.

She was kind, understanding, and an extremely insightful.

My love reading gave me the guidance i was in search of (and needed) during a painful and confusing time.

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Not only will you uncover out even if it is this male actually likes you, however the reading can also reveal all your love possibilities.

7) He think you’re exciting (or peculiar)


A male who looks girlfriend up and also down may do so because he’s interested. It might be your hair color, your fashion style, or miscellaneous else that tickles his fancy.

On the various other hand, you could be doing something that he finds truly interesting.

You might be playing beer pong with such precision – therefore making him completely impressed. He may be looking at you in awe, wondering just how a girl prefer you plays prefer a pro.

On the various other hand, his up-and-down look could be around your fashion decision.

It could be him musing, “Wow, I never thought that a girl could look dazzling in red cowboy boots.”

On the various other hand, he might be thinking, “Why on earth is she wearing red cowboy boots in this officially function?”

Should this it is in the case, he might do a frown or a smirk as he looks girlfriend up and also down.

Since it’s impossible to understand what he thinks without asking him, striking increase a conversation is clear the way to go.

If it’s your an initial time act this, then below are some valuable tips on how to break the ice:

Ask why he’s at the party. Do you recognize Jeremy, the host?Make little talk around the ‘current’ environment. This is a cool party, no it?Ask because that a recommendation. Those the food to eat native this table?Compliment him. That’s a quite shirt! Where’d you buy it?Ask for a little favor. Deserve to you with that thing up for me?Make a suggestion. Understand what pairs well v that cheese? This wine!

8) He think he knows you

A report has mentioned that you – and basically every other person in the civilization – will accomplish 10,000 human being in her lifetime.

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Now it is a lot.

So if a male looks up and down at you, it could not be because of attraction or threat. It can be because he’s simply refreshing his memory.

He thinks he knows you – he’s just not certain from wherein or when.

He simply wants to it is in 100% positive, together he doesn’t desire to make a stupid of himself once he approaches you.

Visual cues – such together looking you increase or down – is a great way to recall information. Through 65% of civilization being intuitive learners, a an excellent start possibly his way of jogging his memory.

And who knows? This seemingly uncomfortable stare can be an excellent for both that you.

You could be ‘the one who obtained away’ – the girl he had actually a possibility encounter within the subway or the coffee shop.

So prior to you i have dissolved his stare, take it a an excellent hard look in ~ him together well. You may be looking for him too!

9) she the subject of the conversation

Like every various other social person, somebody could have talked to you about a specific person. And also as girlfriend converse, you might unexpectedly uncover yourself throw a fast look in ~ this individual.

The same deserve to be claimed with a guy who looks friend up and down. He might consciously (or unconsciously) do this because you’re the topic of the conversation.

In most cases, you’re the subject because he’s actually interested in you.

As it has been created earlier, guys hate to it is in rejected. To enhance his chances, the may finish up talking to his girlfriend – specifically those who know you – about you.

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He may ask about your name, work, interests, basically anything that can come in comfortable in a conversation.

And as he does so, his propensity might it is in to look in ~ you now and also then.

And while gift the topic of the conversation is usually positive, it can signify a negative thing too.

For one, you may be the topic due to the fact that he disapproves of you.

Another reason is that he perceives you as a threat.

Either way, he’s looking in ~ you to confirm these thoughts.

Let’s explore these ‘negative’ factors below, candlestick we?

10) that thinks that you’re a threat


While this sound scary, the a perfectly herbal thing.

Humans, after ~ all, have actually an instinct come scope up looming threats. As a Harvard company Review write-up puts it, us Homo sapiens have the natural impulse to fight as soon as threatened.

In other words, “You deserve to take the human being out of the stone Age, not the rock Age out of the person.”

Taking this tenet of evolution Psychology right into action, a male who perceives you as a risk will shot to look you up and also down.

This, however, normally occurs as soon as – appropriate at the first instance he sees you.

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Why a guy sees you as a risk will count on the situation or location.

Take this example. You’re using for a high-paying job. It every boils down to you and also another guy.

He may look in ~ you up and also down to see if you a threat to this employment. It can be his method of intimidating you as well.

As for the love department, research argues that guys view knowledge as a dating ‘threat’.

According to the researchers, “men’s avoidance of more intelligent or ambitious women might be as result of fear of denial by these higher quality women.”

11) he disapproves the you

While most males look girls up and also down since of attraction or desire, some carry out so because of disapproval.

This disapproval deserve to stem indigenous a many things.

He might have heard a nasty rumor (however untrue) around you.

Then again, maybe he thinks the you’re not great enough for his brothers or soccer teammate.

Maybe you’re act something that he find socially i can not accept – say, smoking. And instead of just scowling at you, he just gives you a deathly up-and-down look.

Psychologists call these hostile eyes – fast and fleeting looks the make a profound impact.

These piercing eyes can make you feel unpleasant – ultimately stirring up feelings of stress or resentment.

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Scientifically speaking, it can reason a surging of the hormone cortisol and also adrenaline. Having actually these in her bloodstream can trigger a hit or flight response.

Will girlfriend let him simply stare at you? Or will you shot to go out of the way?

The sad part here is yes nothing lot you have the right to do about these judgmental, hostile eyes.

What you need to do, however, is to properly address these individuals.

In one article, Dr. Carol Morgan emphasized the virtue of no taking that personally. You can’t adjust the means he feels around you, but you don’t have to let it impact you negatively.

Dr. Morgan is likewise keen on saying this: don’t sink come his level. Rather of gift defensive, you need to be the “bigger” person. Just shrug that off and also ignore his i did not agree gaze.

As coco Chanel as soon as said,

“A girl need to be 2 things: classy and fabulous.”

Final words

There’s a many reasons why a guy looks you up and down. While most of them are optimistic – i.e. He find you attractive or interesting – some ‘looks’ can mean otherwise.

If you want to recognize for sure, there’s definitely one thing you have the right to do: and that’s come ask the outright!

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