The square root of 17 is expressed together √17 in the radical form and as (17)½ or (17)0.5 in the exponent form. The square source of 17 rounded as much as 7 decimal places is 4.1231056. The is the optimistic solution that the equation x2 = 17.

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What Is the Square source of 17?

√17 = 4.123 ×4.123

Is the Square source of 17 reasonable orIrrational?

The square root of 17 is one of two people 4.12310562562 or (-4.12310562562)Both the numbers can not be stood for in the type of a reasonable number and also have a non terminating non-repeating decimal trail.Thus, the square root of 17 is irrational.

How to find the Square source of 17?

The square source of a numbercan it is in calculatedusing different methods:

Prime FactorizationLong department methodand through approximation

√17 cannot be simplified any kind of further.

Square root of 17 by Long department Method

Step 1 :Write 17 as displayed in the figure. Begin grouping the number in pairs from the best end. For 17, both the numbers will certainly be group under one bar.Step 2:Find the largest number, which, once multiplied v itself, will give 17 or a smallernumber closest come 17. 4 is the forced number.Step 3 :Divide 17 by 4Step 4:We acquire the remainder as 1 in this step. Now, place 3 bag of zeros ~ the decimal allude and proceed the lengthy division. Lug one pair the zeros down.Add the quotient 4 to the divisor, i beg your pardon is also 4. Thus, 8will be inserted as the brand-new divisor top top the tens place, with a blank on one's place. This blank will it is in filled by a number which once multipliedwith the quotient, will offer the an outcome 100 or a smaller number closest come 100. Here, ( 81 ×1 = 81) is the closest come 100. For this reason 1 will be inserted on the empty place.Step 5:The remainder of this action is 19. Now, bring down the second pair that zeros. Repeating the above step, the quotient native the ahead step, i m sorry is 1, will certainly be included to the divisor native the previous step (81). 82 along with a empty ondigit in oneswill be the brand-new divisor. Note that we will certainly not use the complete quotient, yet only the previous action quotient.Step 6:We will certainly repeat the process of Step 4. As822 ×2 = 1644is the closest to 1900. Again follow the exact same procedure for the remainder 256 by bringing down another pair of zeros down. So, the approximate value of √17 = 4.123


Explore Square roots using illustrations and interactive examples

Challenging Questions:

Jenny has a square table that has an area of 17square inches. She extended it with a table cloth of area 25square inches.How countless inchesdoes the towel hang approximately the table on each side?

Important Notes:

The square source of 17 is expressed as √17 in the radical form and as 171/2in exponential form.The square root of a number is both an unfavorable and confident for the exact same numerical worth i.e., the square source of 17 will be both + 4.12310562562 or- 4.1231056256217 lies between 16and 25. So√17lies between √16 and also √25The element factorization technique is used to write a square source of a non-perfect square number in the most basic radical form.

Example 2 :Kim is spanning her square-shaped bathroom floor with tiles. If there space a complete of 20 squared tiles and also the area the the restroom floor is 340 square inches, discover the size of each side that a solitary tile.?


We know, every side of square = AreaWe will use the same concept to uncover the dimension of each tile.Area of bathroom = the area that 20tiles, i m sorry is provided as 340 square inches.Area of each tile = 340÷20 = 17 square inchesLength of every side of brick = √17= 4.1231 inches


FAQs ~ above the Square source of 17

What is the value of the Square root of 17?

The square root of 17 is 4.1231.

Why is the Square source of 17 one Irrational Number?

The number 17 is prime. This indicates that the number 17 is pairless and is not in the strength of 2. Therefore, the square root of 17 is irrational.

Evaluate 17 add to 15 square source 17

The offered expression is 17 + 15 √17. We recognize that the square root of 17 is 4.123. Therefore, 17 + 15 √17 = 17 + 15 × 4.123 = 17 + 61.847 = 78.847

What is the Square source of 17 in easiest Radical Form?

The number 17 is a element number. This means that the number 17 is pairless and is no in the power of 2. Therefore, the radical type of square source of 17 can not be simplified further.

What is the worth of 1 square source 17?

The square source of 17 is 4.123. Therefore, 1 √17 = 1 × 4.123 = 4.123.

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Is the number 17 a Perfect Square?

The number 17 is prime. This means that the square source of 17 cannot be expressed together a product of 2 equal integers. Therefore, the number 17 is not a perfect square.