A friend who already owns 17.1-litres worth of Chevy said me he"d discovered the perfect muscle car...

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So last night ns was chatting come a girlfriend who currently owns 17.1-litres the Chevy muscle, consisting of a new 7.1-litre large Block Chevy engine (which he"s planning to supercharge and stuff right into his current 5.7-litre V8 Pontiac Firebird), plus a 4.3-litre Chevy pick-up ns couldn"t care less about... What Alex stated to me was this: "After almost two year of feather I"ve uncovered my dream muscle car..." While i don"t ~ pretend to understand much about such problem (it"s retro BMW and also Porsches because that me, thanks), my mate"s quite the authority as soon as it concerns muscle car (he"s even got a Chevy tatoo!), so I believed I"d take it a closer look in ~ the Chevy Monte Carlo SS he was on about. And then i remembered among my favourite films, Training Day, i beg your pardon featured just that car, and also this great, nay epic scene featuring the soothing soundtrack of a details Doctor:
currently we"re all feeling like ideal gangsters, let"s dig deeper to check out what makes this 1979 third-gen Monte Carlo a fan-boy"s favourite:


Yup, it"s a V8 obviously, 5.0-litres in displacement which produces a pitiful 190bhp and 240lb ft the torque. Supposedly it"s the "presence" and "cruisability" the the point that matters here, however, not the shove. Whether you agree is one more matter...

The Look

Hey, if it"s an excellent enough because that Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) then it"s great enough because that me. In fact, ns think the Monte Carlo look at brilliant. It"s edgy, as aerodynamic as a brick ~ above a brick and thanks to that enormous boot, the ideal collection of wheel to store bodies, medicine and selection of weaponry. Acquiring hoes in the ago is every the fury too, apparently, but I"m no gardener... And also lest us forget what the Monte looks like once hydraulics space employed. Yup, that"s nice special, I"m certain you"ll agree:

The ultimate Muscle Car?

It"s no fast and also it"s no powerful. What the is, however, is the perfect vehicle to hear to Dr. Dre in while girlfriend wile far the miles in comfort and also utter style. Something tells me though, that I"d look prefer a complete pillock behind the wheel.

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I beg your pardon is specifically why the Chevy Monte Carlo is without doubt the ultimate muscle car. Yet let"s not finish this ~ above a bum note shall we? Actually, why the hell not?