Study material can be uncovered in test 31.What execute you median by the term polite service?2.We cannot have a committed civil Service.3.How is entrance to the Civil organization determined?4.Civil organization is significant by a red tape.5.Everything the Civil company does is recorded. Why?6. Civil service thrives under the cloak of Ministerial Responsibility


Their an initial and most important basic function is implementation the government’s policies. Castle execute laws and policies to achieve the objectives of a welfare state.

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Secondly they recommend the political executive on policy matters. Politics executives being amateurs cannot know technical complexities the policies and hence rely on the advise of the polite servantThirdly they have actually quasi legislature (delegated legislation) and quasi judicial functions (administrative adjudication)


Dr.Herman Finer has identified Civil organization as “a experienced body the officials, permanent, paid and skilled”.

According come E.N. Gladden, “A polite servant might be identified as a servant of the Crown (not gift the holder of a politics or righteousness office), that is work in a civil capacity and whoseremuneration is completely paid the end of monies detailed by Parliament.”


4.The Civil business consists that a hierarchy. It offer the people but does not receive orders straight from them. Explain

Since the civil business does not get orders directly from the people, it is likewise not account to them directly. The therefore, is impervious come public opinion but efforts should be do to place the civil organization as a mediator between the government and the people.

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“Like the King, the civil organization can do no wrong”. Administration can take it no credit for the accomplishments of the government however at the same time, it can not be blamed for any type of blunders or inaction. Bureaucracy exists come implement the policies of the state and aid them framework policies come an extent, however the last is not binding on the government.