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Why space wooden rod usually used for ice cream bars?

This appears to host for every commercial ice cream bar ns have ever had, yet i can"t find the reason... Why not use plastic instead, for example?

I am not an expert, yet I assumed plastic can be cheaper to manufacture...

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Seems like there's a most wild mass guessing going on in the answers. It would certainly be exciting to see a reliable, sourced argument.
rumtscho unless someone's delving right into large-scale popsicle manufacture i agree that this question is an ext theoretical 보다 practical. That said, i think valuable answers are perfectly feasible for this question. Athanasius' price is a good example however relies on the unsourced and also doubtful prize by Memj. If who took the moment to call a significant manufacturer because that input that could lead to a perfect answer. I would close a question if the invited only sub-standard answers however not for having actually low-quality answers when good ones can still it is in submitted.
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One aspect is tradition. The popsicle to be supposedly created by open minded Epperson when he left a drink mixture ~ above the porch overnight in through a wooden stirrer in it. (Some historians have actually questioned this narrative, however, offered that Epperson asserted this emerged in 1905 in mountain Francisco, however weather records present that the never obtained cold enough in the 1905 winter there for Epperson"s story to hold up.) The selection of wood, according to this timeless story, was somewhat accidental, though provided that plastics were no yet available in 1905, Epperson"s main selections for stirring would probably have been metal or wood. (And obviously metal would be uncomfortable to hold in a frozen treat, nevertheless of whether this beginning story is true or not.)

In any type of case, Epperson later on patented his creation (including the wood stick) in Oakland in 1923 and also started selling them. Again, this would have been too beforehand for plastic to it is in a reasonable alternative, so component of the reason for wooden popsicle sticks may simply be the they space traditional and also familiar come customers.

A organization seeking to do a readjust away from together a tradition would require motivation, either an financial reason (a cheaper but still agree product) or an yes, really product improvement. Given that wooden popsicle sticks space intended to it is in disposable and also already function well, business economics would be a main reason come switch, if there to be a cheaper material. But Memj"s prize is correct here. It"s straightforward economics: lumber is cheaper in this case, i m sorry is the reason it is provided for various tiny uniform disposable items indigenous toothpicks to chopsticks, utilizing technology that has been in wide use since the beforehand 1900s. (For much more information ~ above the factor for manufacturing and procedure on producing small wooden item cheaply, I"d recommend Henry Petroski"s publication The Toothpick: an innovation and Culture.)

It"s likewise important to note that some businesses actually have actually experimented v disposable plastic sticks. The most common form were so-called Elsie Stix or Icetix, i beg your pardon were distributed by Borden dairy in the U.S. They were intended to it is in collectible and manufactured come be supplied as playthings after offer their function in the ice cream cream bar. (See photos and also further description here and also here, because that example.)

I would note that this sticks quickly solved potential problems brought up in some of the various other answers: A series of holes enabled the popsicle to be frozen through the plastic and thus included to adhesion. And also the holes additionally decreased heat mass and also heat transfer, which would certainly negate any type of potential discomfort from holding a item of cold plastic, which seems to be a strange issue to me anyhow.**

In any case, these plastic sticks to be undoubtedly more expensive to manufacture, but they to be marketed as a new item. And also their interlocking nature and use together a toy required world to buy an ext popsicles to build with them, thereby giving an economic incentive to justification the added expense.

Without such an financial incentive for "standard" disposable popsicle sticks, and also with wooden sticks gift traditional, there"s little reason for businesses to do a move to plastic.

** much more details about thermal properties: While part plastics space somewhat much better at transferring warmth than wood, there are many types of plastic which would certainly not be remarkable uncomfortable contrasted to hardwood in a little stick, even if they to be solid. Keep in mind that the heat conductivity of countless standard plastic is around 0.2-0.3 W/m-K, only roughly double that of wood, i m sorry is approximately 0.13 W/m-K. Compare that to many metals, which might actually freeze one"s hand to them, which have conductivities which space hundreds of times that big. Specific heat is around the exact same for plastic and also wood, and the thickness of many plastics is only a little greater than birch, i beg your pardon is a standard timber for popsicle sticks. Bottom heat is that plastic popsicle sticks would absorb warm somewhat much more quickly and stay cooler a little longer, yet not enough to produce far-ranging discomfort because that a small, thin item of plastic.

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But, concept aside, one can easily buy reusable plastic sticks for homemade popsicles -- just search Amazon because that "plastic popsicle sticks". (Here"s a testimonial comparing 26 different varieties of plastic molds, nearly all with plastic sticks/handles.) and also I don"t think I"ve ever seen a evaluation complaining about discomfort in holding them. I"ve likewise seen multitudes of infant teething toys, for example, which are meant to it is in frozen and are made the end of plastic: the idea that a "damp hand freezing" come a small thin piece of plastic seems rather unlikely.