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A narrow published circuit board the holds storage chips (RAM chips). The common design for desktop computer computers is the dual in-line storage module (DIMM), which move 64 bits in ~ a time. Due to the fact that of an are limitations, laptops use small outline DIMMs (SODIMMs). The modules space keyed through notches in various places for this reason they can not be placed into the wrong slots (see below). Watch RAM.

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Error Detection and CorrectionMost desktop computer and laptop computer systems use lamb chips that hold eight bits every byte, while high-end servers and also workstations frequently have ripe bits. The ninth little is a parity little bit for detecting errors. Watch ECC memory and RDIMM.Upgrading storage - check out the hands-on (RTFM!)A single DIMM can regularly be used, however pairs that DIMMs rise performance in devices that support double channel DDR SDRAM. When upgrading memory, check out the motherboard hand-operated to find out i m sorry module combinations can be used. Watch MT/sec, SDRAM, storage types, storage card and Hybrid storage Cube.

DIMMs are provided in desktop computer and servers; laptops use SODIMMs. The notches in ~ the bottom of the modules designate the variety of pins. However, the way chips are put on the module is as much as the manufacturer.

RIMM (Rambus) and SIMM modules are no longer used. RIMM modules transferred data end 16-bit and 32-bit channels, conversely, SIMMs were 32-bit. DIMM modules support 64-bit paths. See RDRAM.

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To readjust memory in desktop computer computers, the cabinet has to be opened. 2 of the three DIMM slots on this Mac motherboard are empty.