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please prize truthfully, the quiz is based on your truth. Please additionally like, it helps me progress! likewise if please offer credits come the site where i acquired my ideas! sincerely Fox-ka14

It is called Wiki fandom teen wolf. The kitsunes here are based off you Chinese zodiac aspect please likewise rate the quiz! Yours important Fox-ka14 and thanks to my sister because that being optimistic!

developed by: Fox-ka14

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What is your fav element? Water planet Fire Air light DarkDo you recognize what a Kitsune is? No correctly what space we talking about?Do you choose to swim? YES!!!!!! I"ll Drown you moron!! SureWhat is your fav holiday? Halloween christmas easter new year (4th july) planet day nobody all!!!Do you favor fantasy? YES!! for LIFE!! no, its a little childish Yes, its funny to play through friends no, I"m come old because that thatWhat is her time that day? evening morning noon midnightdo you favor books? no correct a littleDo you like sports? correct No sort of your okDo you have siblings? Yes and also they are annoying! No but i wish yes and also i love them! No and i don"t want anyWhat form of fashion perform you like? sassy and sexy ns go with every little thing meh, that cares? i don"t quiet clothing, so ns don"t obtain noticed. Shady and black every the street! formal and also impressive fit for a princess!!What is your fav number? (out that these) 12 11 14 5 8 6 25 38What is your fav food (finale and out that these) ice cream!!! sugar!! pizza ,Junk food sushi, official Fancy, caviar healthy, well-balanced meat!!!! veggies! residence made all the way!!What is your chinese zodiac element? Fire Water planet Air

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Quiz topic: What type Of Kitsune am I?

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