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The brand-new England Patriots play their home gamings in Foxborough, Mass. Your home ar is Gillette Stadium, which is about a 45-minute drive from the center of Boston.

When the was founded in 1960, the team was referred to as the Boston Patriots. It preserved the “Boston” label with its first decade that play. The American soccer League combined with the national Football league in 1970, and also the franchise adjusted its surname to the “New England Patriots” a year later on to position itself as the representative of an entire region.

And the Patriots do have actually fans from all over. Did you do it probably got Patriots pan friends who aren’t indigenous the city the Boston, right?

When castle were called the Boston Patriots, the Patriots had four different home fields, every at various points on the map in and also around Boston prior to heading come Foxborough. They played at Boston University’s Nickerson ar (1960-62) and the Red Sox’s Fenway Park (1963-68). They play at Boston College’s Alumni field in Chestnut Hill in 1969 and also then in ~ Harvard stadium in the ar of Allston in 1970. They then invested the next three years at Foxboro Stadium and also opened surrounding Gillette stadium in 2002.

(Another thing: Foxborough is often spelled Foxboro.)

New England is the term used for a an ar of six Northeastern states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, new Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maine. The Patriots are the most northeastern team in the NFL, and they have the right to stake a legitimate insurance claim to being the team that that part of the country.

The Patriots are among two regionally named franchises in the NFL. The other is the Carolina Panthers, that play in Charlotte but consider us the team the both Carolinas. The league’s other 30 teams are named for cities or states, v the partial exception of the Tampa just Buccaneers, who play in Tampa.

Foxborough is south of Boston, between that city and also Providence.

The natural driving route between Boston and also Providence take away you follow me Interstate 95, the same road that keeps walking southbound through new York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, the Carolinas, and also all the way to southern Florida. Foxborough is just one of the plenty of stops follow me the same highway:

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The Patriots were negative when they to be from “Boston.”

They had six shedding seasons in 10 year under that original name. They never ever won the AFL’s championship, and also they made their name adjust after a 2-10 season in 1970. (The closest they obtained to a location was losing 51-10 to the san Diego Chargers in the AFL Championship in ~ the finish of the 1963 season.)

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The franchise remained bad, for the most part, until new coach bill Parcells started moving them in the best direction in the 1990s. They have actually taken off because 2000, when they hired invoice Belichick together their head coach. Belichick drafted quarterback Tom Brady in the sixth round the the 2000 draft, and the two have gone on come win five Super Bowls together as the most successful quarterback-coach duo in NFL history.

If they deserve to beat the Eagles ~ above Sunday, the Patriots will certainly tie the Steelers for the many Super key championships winner in history: six.