If friend are getting into the town hall English soccer for the very first time, you have actually probably i found it there room a the majority of words and phrases you nothing know; it’s choose a language and subculture every its own, and also one the the vital phrases, without doubt aspirations of the land, is to “Go come Wembley.”


Wembley stadium in London.

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Of course, over there is the obvious meaning here: Going come Wembley simply means playing a game at Wembley stadium in London. But other 보다 being in a big stadium in the capital city, those the huge deal?

For Americans, friend will have to learn a brand-new concept here: the nationwide stadium.

In the States, we simply don’t have actually such a thing. Our country is too damn big, v too numerous sports and also teams walk on, to have one location that is the place, the home of the nationwide team and additionally the house of every necessary championship game.

But that’s precisely what Wembley is: the 90,000-seat home of England’s nationwide soccer team and the championship video game of every nationwide competition the sport needs to offer.

So getting to Wembley method your society is play for other serious, for “silverware,” for glory, and is doing therefore on The huge Stage.

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There is one itsy bitsy exception to this. The FA Cup final has for years been played at Wembley, but it provided to be the the semifinals were played in ~ some other neutral ground choose Villa Park in Birmingham or Old Trafford in Manchester. Yet in their boundless greed and also non-wisdom, the dickheads who run the FA determined to play the semis at Wembley, due to the fact that … money.


On the touchline throughout the Wembley stadium Tour.

Never mind that a northern club’s fans would now need to make 2 trips come London, that the already-congested transit system there gets three workings-over — and two on consecutive days, which by the way makes it also tougher because that out-of-town fans to obtain a (ridiculously expensive) hotel room for the weekend. Anyway, don’t acquire me started, yet this is one tiny blemish on the whole Wembley Mystique.

Another slim change: While building their new stadium, Tottenham Hotspur played all your home games at Wembley during the 2017-18 season and most the the 2018-19 season. Their brand-new home is open up now, that course.

The Stadium

I should allude out below that the existing Wembley is not the original Wembley. That one was developed in 1923 and also torn down in 2003 – along with its iconic pair towers. (Funny note: lock piled up all the debris from the stadium in a park in eastern London dubbed Northala Fields, for this reason you have the right to sort of walk come the grass-covered optimal of the Old Wembley there.)

The brand-new Wembley is an absolutely gleaming palace, currently topped through an top (I suppose) arch that is lit up different colors for various occasions. For example, when I saw England beat Scotland in a people Cup qualifier there, it to be lit increase red and also white because that the English colors.


Wembley, lit up in English red and white.

Here is a video panorama ns shot during my Wembley stadium tour:

It is an great stadium, the looks and also feels favor some type of spaceship. It additionally hosts concerts, NFL games, boxing matches, every sorts of stuff.

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The Wembley Song

When a team’s supporters discover out they are going come Wembley, over there is a traditional song for the occasion. Right here are Sheffield United’s supporters providing it a go:

The lyrics space pretty simple:

Que sera sera,

Whatever will be will be

We’re going to Wemb-a-lee,

Que sera sera

In the human being of English soccer, acquiring to Wembley is around much more than play in a big stadium in a big city. Like a famed saying around the video game itself, going come Wembley is around glory.

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