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Maryland"s Atlantic coastline is rich in organic resources. Us prize these organic assets for their intrinsic ecological, industrial and recreational value. Mineral sources from this region are used as building and construction materials, and also in farming and aquiculture. Water resources encompass habitats because that wildlife, shellfish and also fin fish, and also sources the potable and irrigation water. Land sources are managed as wildlife habitats and for agriculture. We additionally enjoy the recreational services of these priceless resources. It would certainly be impossible to hike, fish, play, hunt, boat, surf or swim there is no them.

natural resources are derived from the earth, the resource of products that kind them, and also from the sun, which provides the power to shape them. Once we use natural resources, we regularly remove products from the environment, such together water, minerals, or wood. We also add materials to the environment, choose pollutants, and also alter natural energy pathways. Our tasks have a profound affect on the processes that develop the sources we value.

organic resources must be used and maintained wisely. Intelligent administration starts through an expertise of the origins, characteristics, and also functions within and also between the herbal systems the generate and sustain our resources. This expertise helps united state determine how we readjust these systems once we connect with them. Maryland Geological inspection conducts countless studies that explore the evolution, current state, and behavior that geologic environments that comprise our organic resources.

Sand is vital resource that is discovered on Maryland"s Atlantic coast. Sand is offered in the building industry, and also for restoring and protecting eroding beaches. The seaside and Estuarine Geology routine at is right now assessing potential offshore sand resources.

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