​How come evolve Haunter in Pokémon Let's go isn't as basic as civilization might think the is. Haunter needs a special sort of situation in order come evolve to its last form: Gengar. Below is a overview to evolving Haunter. 

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how can you complain about pokemon allows go as soon as they make gengar *this* fat? pic.twitter.com/yAuhcwgrd2

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​​How come Evolve Haunter in Pokémon Let's Go

After players catch a Gastly in Lavender Town's Pokémon Tower, with the usage of ​the Silph Scope, ​they will should level it approximately level 25 where it will evolve right into Haunter. Unlike other Pokémon who will commonly require to be leveled up another set of levels to with their final evolution, that is possible to evolve Haunter immediately after.

Haunter will just evolve if that is traded, the exact same circumstances that ​allow Machoke to evolve into Machamp. Football player will need to trade their Haunter come a friend, or receive a Haunter from a friend by trading. As soon as the Pokémon is efficiently traded, it will certainly evolve right into Gengar. 

There room no wild Gengars players can capture to bypass trading your Haunter because that Gengar.

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