Hanging a closet pole is simple and easy. You just need to make certain you position the rod at the ideal height and also distance indigenous the wall. Hangers must swing easily without blocking the doorway. Apparel must be easily reachable within the closet. Follow these advice on exactly how to cave a closet stick for quick results you’ll be happy through for years to come.

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Closet Rods

There are different species of closet rods and different varieties of julianum.net. The procedure because that installing rods in each is slightly different. However, the optimal height of closet stick installation is about the same no matter which kind you use. It is figured out by the type/length of garments the rods will certainly hold.

For closet sections designed to organize long garments (e.g. Trench coats, gowns), position the rod in ~ 64.5-inches with a shelf over at 66-inches from the floor.For closet sections that will certainly hang medium size garments (e.g. Suits, short dresses, long skirts), you have the right to position the rod at 52.5-inches from the floor so that you have the right to get more shelves above. The bottom shelf should be 1.5-inches over the rod. Most people have a very limited number of clothing that room truly long-hang. Measure your clothing and use medium-hang whenever feasible in order come include much more shelves in the closet. You have the right to never have actually too plenty of shelves.Closet sections designed to cave shirts and other brief garments have the right to have 2 rods positioned one over the other for maximum storage area. This is well-known as a double-hang section. Place the bottom rod at 40.5-inches and also the upper rod at 79-inches. If you are installing because that a tiny child, lower the bottom rod come 30-inches indigenous the floor. This will certainly make it simpler for the child to accessibility while opened up room for a third rod in the middle of this hanging section. You can encompass a shelf 1.5-inches above each rod.

Preferred heights may vary for very tall or very short users. Remember, it’s your closet so placed the rod in ~ a elevation that is practically for you.

Closet pole Installation Guidelines

How to Hang classic Wood Closet Rods

Traditional lumber closet stick installation with single wood shelf above. Traditional wood rods hang from the shelf assistance with a rod cup holder at each end. This means you must encompass a shelf directly over all rods. Otherwise, there won’t be any kind of support in the middle. Clothing can be an extremely heavy. Make certain there is a shelf assistance for every 36-inches of rod length. This will prevent the rod indigenous sagging. The supports must be set up on a cleats anchored come the home’s studs. If you should use a shelf support where there are no studs, make certain to use a toggle bolt. Unless you have custom hangers, the rod end cups supplied with wooden closet poles have to be mounted 10-inches native the earlier wall. This will allow a hanger to swing freely and also will line up v the shelf supports. Again, use a cleats anchored to the sidewall studs once installing the finish cups.

Wire Closet Rods

One-piece wire closet rod and also shelf section. Wire julianum.net usually incorporate rod brackets together an integrated component of a shelf. The is why you must also replace/add a shelf if you desire to include a rod come a wire closet system. Make sure to use all the offered drywall anchors that come through your wire shelves. Absence of suitable support will ensure collapse once all the heavy garments are hung up. For sure the shelves to the studs when feasible for included strength. For wire julianum.net, measure and also position the top of the shelf at 66-inches. The rod will immediately be 1.5-inches below.

Rod surroundings for practice Closet Systems

Custom closet organizer solution are flexible offer the most adaptability when hanging a closet rod. Every rod comes v two cup holders for each end. You simply insert her rod cupholders into any type of of the pre-drilled feet in the closet panels. The rods climate slip right into place. Facility supports are rarely needed. Use center rod supports only if her hanging sections are more than 36-inches vast between vertical panels. The procedure because that mounting the cup holders varies slightly for different style rods. Be certain to read your closet installation instructions completely. Rods are one of the critical items come install.How come Hang an easy Oval RodsInstall oval rod cups in upright panels to cave a closet rod. Oval closet rods room the simplest to install. Placed them in after ~ you install the shelves. When installing directly under a closet shelf, leaving one north hole showing in between the stick cup and the shelf above. The cup are merely pressed into the pre-drilled dashboard holes. As soon as the finish cups room installed, the rod simply drops into place.How to hang Round Closet Rods using 2-Piece rod CupsInstall the mounting basic of the two-piece ring rod cups by pressing it right into the closet panel. Then place the round cup on each finish of the round closet rod and drop over the base.If girlfriend selected round rods for your closet, castle install making use of the two-piece ring rod cups provided. To usage these cups, first, mountain the bases right into the mechanism holes at the preferred height. Then ar the cup over the end of the closet pole/rod. Attach the rod next. Just drop the pole with cups attached onto the mounting base and you’re good to go.A ring closet rod set up in a closet organizer system.

Confident that you know how to hang a closet rod?

Rendering that a exposed closet system for a reach-in bedroom closet.

Rods are among the last items to install on a practice closet system. But without them, her closet isn’t much good for storing clothes. They are one of those “last however not least” items. Choose the form of rod that works ideal for you. Then, download it complying with these tips. You’re bound come get countless years of power from her properly mounted closet rods.

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And remember, if friend need any assistance designing a brand-new custom closet for your home, julianum.net can help.