justin biebers fav. Color is purple.DUH!!!!i to be pretty certain he has other colors he likes but purple is #1.LIKE OMG if you were a true fan favor me you would know it to be purple!




In never ever say never he claims to a guy"Heyy her wearing my favorite color!" and his shirt is blue, Blue is his fav! just cuz he wears violet doesn't mean its his fave. Ns agree that blue.

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Its blue retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have actually watched the movie as many time as i have(atleast 100) friend would recognize its blue. He states it.
yes give thanks to u!!! u think that is blue!!! im no saying the blue and im no sayin its violet im sayin u must say u think u shouldnt speak u know!!!
i know its perple!waaah!im a huge fan the justin nd his voice nd my boyfriends voice r d same! nd ns love justin soo lot ! waaah!
His favorite shade is violet he claimed it in one interview and is constantly wearing it. If you were a true justin fan you would have known.By the method were did people get the his fav color was blue? it"s entirely not.
just cuz that FREAKIN wears violet doesnt mean its his fave!! BTW In his movies hes grandpa is attract a blue shirt n he says"Heyy your wearing my favourite color!
Thats a new 1! i don't think his fav color is green. Sorry. My fav shade is green. His fav shade is BLUE
obviously that purple any kind of TRUE Justin Bieber fan would kno its no blue, baby blue, green, red or anyother color however purple
stop it!!!! cuz u dont understand for certain it can have been purple last week and dis week blue u dont understand for sure!!!
from what mine friends speak it"s blue... Haha blue is my favourite color since its yes, really pretty and it matches mine eyes.
I think Justin Bieber"s favorit color is blue.I don"t recognize why but, ns am a large fan the his so that is why.
its blue, then purple!! dont problem im no a stalker!! haha!but ns no ns the biggest justin bieber fan tho!!!!!
It Is Purple.! I understand For a Fact!! he Wears the In virtually All His Pictures.! ns A large Fan.!Him and I have The exact same Purple and Black Checker board Shirt.! ns Love girlfriend Justin.!!
Justin likes purple(he needs to like it....for her information,he put on a many purple ...now it is evidence!!!!
ok, so over there is alot the confuztion about what justins favourite colour is, and also it in between blue or purple. However I to be pretty sure that the fav colour is blue however his fav colour come WEAR is purple! :D hoped ns helped!
i think the blue cause what doesn"t look good on him various other coler the blue i love Justin bieber ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i love the aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Its purple however he likes blue to and also if ur top top a quiz and it has purple and another price blue pic violet is theres simply blue click on that
Justin Bieber"s Favourite colour Is between Purple, Blue and also Green! There has Been plenty of Debates yet I Think that IS Purple, civilization Can Disagree but Just watch Which one of Them Colour"s You see The Most and That will certainly Proberly be The Answer come Your question As There space Going To be Many people Saying different Things :) Holly
its no blue or purple actually baby blue is his favorite and also purple is simply his signature color((:i luv u jUstin
wat ever justins shade iz violet i understand caus ns his new girlfreind dnt belive ns his girlfreind climate look me up
i no justin biebers favorite color is violet cuz that suits him honestly only someone that is his really big fan would no this therefore hahahaha to everyone who gets the wrong
His really favourite color is Purple since if you have actually one the the J-14 newspaper it also says Prple so do not also listen to those other people and i am his #i best fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxox
his fav color is blue sence ns met him and also i have actually talked to him my brothers was his and still is his finest FRIEND.
the price is violet he said in one interview ohh dont u males read magizines it said that his fave color is purple in boptiberbeat mag
JUSTIN BIEBER"S FAVORITE shade IS certainly PURPLE since I mean HE WEARS it ALL the time I average COME ON civilization GET the RIGHT.BY THE method I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVV him SO HAHAHAH
I think wate i recognize his fave couler is sooooooooooo purple due to the fact that i achally hear to what he says and also i"m his biggest fan oh ya
no your not my bff knows every little thing bout him so hahaha mine bff is the best justin bieber fan wanna bet she talks bout the all the time so there ha your not his greatest fan me and also my bff space the best justin bieber
well 2 start on a disney channelinterveiw he stated so him self that his favorite color is purple. I average every true pan knows that.his favortie color isnt blue if girlfriend th ink it is look it up!
can i please come to be your pan please i love your songs and i love justin bieber as a person as a very very really best friend and a really very very best pan i love you justin bieber together a really very very best fan and same friend
Well, us all recognize that his signature and also most favorite shade is purple, but I have commonly heard the he is an extremely fond that blue also. These would be my most probable colors. -Angelbaby703
...blue...same together mine...it"s completely my favorite color...i"m obsess with BLUE...most of mine stuffs room blue...
He put on purple most of time and he called BBC"s peak FO The pop Magazine the his favourite coulour to be purple. You either think that, or think that he"s lying. For every those the think it"s babay blue, you"re all WRONG!
OKAY Wow that is sooooooo no blue fyi!Just cause he"s a guy, the doesnt average he immediately loves blue.....i understand ITS violet HE also SAID that ON one INTERVIEW.....look!link
justin"s favorite color is violet he has actually a entirety bunch the shirts the r purple and also he has actually hight tops additionally glasses a pullover they r all violet if u vote this as ideal answer i will end up being ur fan and give a prop however last however not least give u justin"s account top top here
I"m pretty certain he has 2 favorite colors purple and also blue. But I"m not really certain no haters lol happy I could help(:
justin bieber"s favorite color is blue.I understand its blue since he tell me in chat so,don"t tell anything that was wrong..

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Look friend bitches, Justin Bieber"s favorite color is purple. He said so once and also he wears purple a lot. Why is this question still in controversy when Beliebers are supposed to recognize everything?
dear whom this may worry Justin Bieber"s favorit colors room lime grren and also black and i to be his best fan i love that i got his number and also i call him and also futher an ext i to be the best fan obtain at me bye
JB favorite shade is purple, the most cuter color ever. Me and also JB likes the very same color, he speak french and also i do too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It offered to it is in blue but he readjusted it to purple!!!! So the is definately purple gosh human being you speak to your selves #1 fans
Justin Bieber"s favorite shade is purple,even despite he attract alot that white and black,his favorite color is purple.I have several photos of him in purple!
justin will certainly tell u that his favorite color is purple and he says the he also likes blue top top girls as well so their is is both purple and blue.....
Justins faviorite color is blue, many civilization thinks that purple however thats just his favorite shade to wear for this reason its blue
Justin Biebers favorite shade is BLUE!!!! any kind of true justin bieber fan would certainly know.the only reason he constantly wears violet is due to the fact that one time his limo driver confirmed uo v a violet limo and also people saw it so the shade just stuck.DUHHH!!!!!!!



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