The winged lion is a mythological symbol, which represents the patron saint, the Evangelist, Saint Mark. It reflects a lion with bird-like wings. That is the timeless symbol the the city that Venice and previously belonged come the Republic that Venice.

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The winged lion is the symbol of St. Mark, the Evangelist, who was one Apostle. It has been a traditional symbol of Venice due to the fact that a an extremely long time. St. Mark has been taken into consideration as Venice’s patron saint from the moment his remains were stolen from a dig in Alexandria, Egypt, where mark had started the an initial Christian church and was brought to Venice in 828 advertisement by 2 merchants. Initially, St. Theodore of Amasea to be the patron saint of Venice. Through passing time, the city that Venice developed and prospered. The civilization then believed that a more esteemed saint was required. Hence, St. Mark became considered together the patron saint.

The symbol of the lion originates from St. Mark’s summary in his Gospel, which starts v the words “remember the voice of man the Baptist in the wilderness, rises favor a roar, announcing the resulting Jesus to men.” His voice was stated to be like that that a lion roaring. The book additionally tells that the lion was one of the 4 creatures standing about the throne that the Almighty. The lion is a symbol of power and majesty. The winged lion symbolism appeared in Prophet Ezekiel’s vision where 4 winged creatures represent the 4 evangelists; Matthew together a human, note as a lion, Luke as a bull, and John together an eagle. One open book is checked out lying listed below the front legs of the lion. It consists of the text, ‘Pax tibi, Marce, Evangelista meus.’ The book is believed to represent the state’s sovereignty. Part depictions present a halo around the lion’s head, the publication with the words abbreviated to your initials, and also the lion.

The price of St. Mark’s lion have the right to be seen throughout Venice. One of the point out to find the winged lion is the Piazzetta di san Marco in Venice, Italy where the bronze-winged lion sculpture stand atop two big granite columns in the Square. An additional one is at Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice, Italy.

The Winged Lion in other Forms



The griffin is renowned as one of the fascinating mythical animals of the old Greeks. The price comprises the bodily characteristics of the hind legs of a lion and the head, neck, and wings of one eagle. Also, its front feet have actually the claws of an eagle. The lion was thought about as the lord of the beasts and the eagle, and also the mr of birds. Hence, the griffin was thought to it is in an extremely an effective and can be fried creature. The legendary creature was believed to it is in the mr of all beings. Griffins are thought to it is in safeguarding money, jewels, and also other high-quality items. The Griffin was additionally associated by the Romans with the sunlight god Apollo, as the sunlight is fiery and also intense. Hence, it was to be feared and also honored.



This symbol was known as lamassu come the Assyrians. It is depicted as a winged lion (or a bull) v the wing of one eagle and also the head of a human. The eagle is usually connected with the sunlight god, which controls and also strengthens the lion, and also the human head symbolizes intelligence.

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