If my cousin it s okay married am I currently related to his new wife"s prompt family. Would I be pertained to his new wife"s brother or sister?



Hello, Kent, and also welcome to julianum.net.Se. Can you provide us a small context on her question, such together why you should know? Thanks.
therefore what would a cousin of persons SIBLING'S husband be? That would seem to it is in a cousin-in-law to my SIBLING, and since any type of cousin of my sibling would certainly be a cousin to me also, wouldn't my sibling's 'cousin-in-law' likewise be my cousin-in-law?
The apparently an easy expression related to actually hides one extra-ordinary amount of complexity. It could refer to any type of or all of the following

a blood connection (now much better described together a hereditary relationship)a legitimate relationshipa cultural or customary relationship

In details communities, each of these could impose familial obligations or constraints (taboos).

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Genetic relationship

The truth that your cousin marries walk not develop any new relationship (that did not exist before). The appended caveat is necessary since it is possible that a search earlier through 10, 20 or more generations will show that you and also the bride"s family members have a usual ancestor (or two). Us all have actually many much more related family than we are conscious of.

Legal relationship

Obviously this vary across jurisdictions and also time, but if we take on an anglo-centric civilization view then we deserve to confidently say that the Anglican (Episcopalean) Church look at no legitimate impediment to you marrying a sibling of your cousin"s mam (subject to you conference the gender requirements). You perform not have actually a prohibited level of affinity.

Customary relationship

In plenty of cultures, this is a affluent area for etymological study. In the anglo-saxon civilization we space largely limited to the term cousin. That strict intake refers come someone v whom we share a common ancestor although the word is currently used to serve many other functions (such as the all-to-common references to cousins-in-law).

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Your inquiries takes top top new an interpretation when (if) the happy pair have children. Your cousin"s child is also your cousin (although one degree removed) and also so the bride to who you are now unrelated will come to be the mother of her (new) cousin. Shot not come think about what wake up if she to be to ask friend to it is in the child"s godparent.


None that this technical discussion is of much practical aid when you are all existing at household (or is that, families) gatherings and wondering what to call people. Feel cost-free to adopt whatever consumption is acceptable to both parties and also avoids confusion. Just do not say it in prior of a genealogist, we tend to be a little possessive of ours vocabulary.