If you ever watched the movie ‘Godzilla’ together you flourished up, friend surely recall the dinosaurs. Godzilla to be a sea monster that popped up in ~ random, terrorized everyone, and would minimize the human being into ashes within minutes. If the dinosaurs became extinct, the neck Morgan silver- Dollars space no exception.

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The 1884 Morgan silver- Dollar to be America’s very first standard silver coin after the enactment of the 1873 Coinage Act. It had actually an obverse confront of Anna Williams, a model used come represent miss Liberty, a mythical lady.

Here you’ll discover the history of Morgan silver- Coins, some of its remarkable features, and how come grade the vintage coin the has since become a favorite of coin collectors.

What Is the 1884 Morgan silver- Dollar?

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It is just one of the disagreement coins produced by the United states of America in 1878. It was struck in 1878 and also used until 1904. The was later used for a year in 1921.

The dollar coin was additionally minted as a non-circulating money in 2021. The Morgan dissension coin was called after that sculptor, George Morgan.

History of Its Design

Before the it spreads widely of the 1873 Coinage Act, silver owners were in ~ liberty to conference as lot silver and also deliver it to mints for printing right into legal tenders. This brought about the production and circulation of too much silver dollars right into the market. Eventually, the silver dollar shed its value as inflation increased.

As a result, the 1873 Coinage Act was enacted to end the complimentary coinage the silver and also to demonetize silver- bullions. So, in 1876, the mint director took on a journey to redesign every the silver coins circulating in ~ the country.

The mint director began searching for experienced sculptors to help in the design and implementation that the new minting plans. George Morgan to be then chosen as one assistant engraver at the Philadelphia mint to occupational on the project.

Morgan’s engravings rotate out far better than those excellent by the cook engraver at Philadelphia mint. In 1878, he made the an initial acceptable strike in ~ the Philadelphia mint which was presented to the president, secretary that the treasury, and the mint director.

The above dollar to be designed to denote the rapid breakthrough and industrialization that America towards the finish of the 19th century.

Features the the 1884 Morgan silver Dollar

George Morgan’s creative creation is just one of the renowned dollar coins ever made. This is due to the fact that of the coin’s beautiful impression, silver- content, and size.

Below are several of the silver dollar’s distinct features:


The 1884 Morgan silver dollar procedures 38.1 millimeter (1.5 inches) in diameter and also weighs 26.73 grams. Like various other dollar coins, it has actually a reeded leaf all roughly its surface.

Metal Composition

The Morgan Dollar consists of an ounce of pure silver- extracted from Comstock Lode silver deposits. That is made up of 90 % silver and also 10 % copper. The silver- medal weighs about 0.858 trojan oz.

Mint Marks

The 1884 dollar is composed of assorted mintmarks which kind part the its distinct features. The mintmarks are found at the reverse side of the coin, over the lower rim. The key mintmarks room ‘D’ (Denver Mint), ‘S’ (San Francisco Mint), and also ‘O’ (New olions Mint).

However, the ‘D’ mint note is only discovered on the silver dollar minted in 1921. If a Morgan dollar has no mint mark, that was produced in Philadelphia. This is described as a ‘Plain’ and denoted by ‘P’.

The Obverse

Similar come the tranquility Silver coin that attributes the Liberty Statue, the obverse the the above 1884 coin depicts liberty as well. Miss out on Liberty appears wearing a cap and an elegant crown bearing words ‘LIBERTY’.

Her head is beautifully adorned, through the portrait surrounding by 13 stars on the reduced front face and the back of she neck. Above her head is an inscription ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’ This is a Greek word meaning ‘one indigenous many.’

It to be the an initial motto proposed as America’s an excellent seal in 1776. The explain is very regarded as a solid determinant of America’s capacity to form a unified nation out of every its lot of states. Listed below Miss Liberty’s neck is the date of issuance the the coin.

The Reverse

The reverse has the image of the bald American eagle having actually its wing extensively spread. The eagle tote a collection of arrows symbolic of the country’s armed forces might.

However, one olive branch clasped in ~ the claws additionally signifies the reigning tranquility that comes after war. The eagle additionally has a wreath neighboring her.

Other notable inscriptions of the 1884 dollar room ‘UNITED states OF AMERICA’ which runs along the rim, at the peak of the coin. Below it is an additional inscription ‘In God we Trust’ written in eye-catching calligraphy.

The denomination the the silver- coin is plainly marked together ‘ONE DOLLAR’ and a little mintmark appears directly over it.

Value the the 1884 Morgan silver- Dollar

The 1884 Morgan disagreement coin is an important as both a coin and also silver bullion. However, due to the fact that of rise in demand collection demand and bullion prices, its worth is continuously increasing.

The current standard value stands in ~ $ 22. At confront value, Morgan’s silver coin has a denomination the $ 1 written on it.

Additional valuation is done as follows:

The Melt Value

The coin’s melt worth is estimated based upon the prevailing spot price that silver. The clues price is $23.56 for every oz of silver.

Therefore, on respectable 26, 2021, the 1884 silver coin had actually a melt worth of $18.23. According to coin experts and collectors, that is precious as much as its silver- weight.

A dollar without Mint Mark


If a Morgan dollar has actually no mintmark, that is value standards at $30 in its good condition. An identical of the dollar there is no the mint is valued at $33 when in really fine state. The price of one uncirculated multiple sclerosis 60 grade dissension is $55, when an uncirculated 65-grade dollar has a value of $260.

The CC silver Dollar


The 1884 CC Dollar originated from the Carson City Mint. The is precious $ 155 when very fine and also $ 160 if extremely fine. The price of uncirculated grade 60 and also 65 dollars room $ 265 and also $ 365 respectively.

The O silver- Dollar


The 1884 O silver- was produced in brand-new Orleans. Currently, you’ll part with $ 32 to have it in good condition and $85 in incredibly fine state. Uncirculated O silver coins room of even greater value, ranging from $ 7,500 for the multiple sclerosis 60 grade come $ 225, 000 because that the multiple sclerosis 65 grade.

The worth of 1884 Morgan silver- Dollars together at respectable 23, 2021

DateGoodFineExtremely FineUncirculated
1884 CC$60$76$103$159
1884 O$23.35$23.50$25.58$44.74
1884 S$22.00$25.80$44.19Rare

Factors that affect the value of 1884 Morgan silver- Dollar

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How worthy is your Morgan silver coin? Well, this question often lingers in the mental of a coin collector. Grading companies and coin dealers usually attach value come a given coin because of several factors. The most usual include:


The 1884 silver dollars were produced at four various locations namely; brand-new Orleans, Carson City, Philadelphia, and also San Francisco. What distinguishes the mints is the mintmark located at the reverse of the coin.

The mark is a tiny letter near the reduced rim in between the word ‘DOLLAR’ and also the ribbon the holds the wreath. The ‘CC’ mintmark, because that instance, is a rarely gem that is highly priced since Carson City only produced a few coins.

General Condition

The general condition of her coin additionally plays a an essential role in identify its value. A valuable silver coin is fine preserved, without evident signs of tear or wears on its crucial features. Because that instance, an uncirculated 1884 silver- dollar is highly an important because it retains its initial appearance.


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Although plenty of coin collectors an intricate Morgan’s dollar, only a few collectors understand its style features. This is understandable since the critical Morgan dollar was minted plenty of years ago.

Below are some of the regular questions asked about the coin series:

1. I beg your pardon is the Rarest Morgan silver Dollar?

Some of the rarely Morgan dollars encompass 1892 S Morgan Dollar, 1896 O Dollar, 1901 ns Dollar, amongst others. However, the rarest the them every is the 1893 S Morgan silver- Dollar.

It was minted in san Francisco to assist control the California yellow Rush. This rare coin has actually an median value of $ 3,000 00.

2. I m sorry is the Most an useful Morgan silver Dollar?

Some that the most an important Morgan dollars encompass 1884 S Morgan Dollar, 1895 O Morgan Dollar, 1893 CC Morgan silver Dollar, and 1896 O Morgan Dollar.

Among every these, the 1893 S Morgan dissension is top-ranked. Follow to coin trackers, this disagreement coin has actually an average value that $ 3,000. In the certified mint state, it could too cost $ 550,000.

3. Room Morgan Dollars a great Investment?

Incredibly, Morgan Dollars are now a well-known investment because that coin collectors and also silver enthusiasts. This happens because of their aesthetic beauty and also their great performance in the previous as one investment.


One of the points that collection Morgan silver- Dollars apart from various other iconic currencies is their brief time of minting. This it is long for only a couple of decades in the direction of the finish of the 1800s. Worst that all, America’s silver deposits were mostly exploited and also exhausted throughout the first world war.

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To date, Morgan coins are limited in supply, a clear indication the you have the right to never walk wrong by investing in the trade.