Pretty small Liars: 10 means Toby got Worse & Worse Of all the males on Pretty little Liars, Toby Cavanaugh is the most chill. Yet even though fans love him, his character obtained worse throughout the show.

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while the characters on Pretty tiny Liars are all fascinating, as fans clock them come of age and resolve the mysterious risk of "A," Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) is maybe the most chill. He sometimes sits ~ above the sidelines, no as rebellious as Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) or literary as Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding). However he"s a lover love attention for Spencer Hastings (Troian Bellisario) and the display would seem strange without him.

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Rosewood isn"t exactly simple place to live, also with its big mansions and also beautiful streets. It"s fun to seize a coffee at The Brew or walk with the landscaped neighborhoods... However as the personalities on PLL every know, evil is never much behind. There are definitely some difficulties with Toby"s character, also if he"s always fun come watch.

Fans recognize that Toby was manipulated through his half-sister Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) into to sleeping with her, and it"s no a an extremely pleasant point to think about. Yet does the backstory yes, really fit the character the viewers have grown come love?

Toby is a challenging person who has actually been with a lot and it doesn"t seem like he would actually carry out that. Instead, he would certainly tell Jenna to leaving him alone and also he wouldn"t care about the consequences. This is one major problem with his character.

Toby and Spencer have one the the most famous relationships ~ above the show, i beg your pardon is why it was such a shock the he would marry Yvonne Phillips (Kara Royster).

It doesn"t work for Toby to autumn so deeply in love through someone else and also actually get married them. Indigenous the really start, the has always been interested in Spencer, for this reason this was a weird storyline because that the character to have. It"s just one example of a method that he obtained worse together Pretty small Liars progressed.

Keegan Allen as Toby Cavanaugh on Pretty tiny Liars
"A" is the mysterious figure at the core of PLL and because that a while, fans thought that Toby was on the A Team. Talk around a crazy realization because that Spencer and also her friends.

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But since Toby later on said that he to be on the A Team because that a legit reason, this storyline dropped flat, and it didn"t work at all. It"s yet another way that this character retained deteriorating. The should have actually been all great or every evil, as this display doesn"t leave much room because that a gray area in terms of morality.

7 His character Is Creepy At The Beginning, Then totally Normal

as with a pilot deserve to seem so different from the remainder of the series, a character deserve to start turn off one way and then fully change.

In Toby"s case, he appears really creepy once the present starts, and the other girls really don"t prefer him. It"s difficult to convey the vibe that he offers off with how sweet and normal that seems later on on. This seems prefer a significant inconsistency through the character.

Toby isn"t perfect and it"s also an extremely strange as soon as he becomes a cop. He seems too young to gain hired and also it happens in the blink of one eye.

The main problem with Toby having actually this profession? He just doesn"t come throughout as someone who would enter law enforcement. It seems favor he would perform something through his hands, prefer building and also renovating houses, or that would become a society worker and help people. This to be confusing.

5 that Should have the ability to Tell Alex Drake Wasn"t really Spencer

It"s quite wild that Toby and also Alex Drake kiss, as it seems favor Toby would definitely be able to tell that she isn"t Spencer yet her evil twin.

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If Toby is so smart and also perceptive, together he"s to be a cop and additionally a member of the A Team because that his very own reasons and motivations, wouldn"t he have a negative feeling around this?

If Toby passed away on PLL, it would certainly be thought about an emotional death, yet the other personalities only think the he died in the 3rd season that the show.

It turns out the it was someone else"s body the the personalities saw, not Toby"s. Why was this necessary? There are so numerous false deaths and also red herrings ~ above the show that it grew quite tiresome.

3 Toby"s Storylines every Wrap Up as well Easily

that seems favor no issue what Toby has going on, things gain wrapped up rather easily and quickly. This is true of the falling because that someone who isn"t Spencer, as Yvonne ends up passing away. This is additionally true of him being on the A Team, as it turns out the he didn"t execute it for evil reasons.

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This is one method that the character gained worse and also worse due to the fact that that"s simply not the means that life works. The feels completely unrealistic, specifically in a town favor Rosewood where no one is happy.

the feels like when comparing screentime because that the significant love interests on PLL, Ezra and also Caleb are offered the most. These characters are constantly around, producing or responding come drama and also conflict, and they"re some of the most renowned on the show.

But Toby sometimes seems like he"s turn off in his own world, and also Spencer safety a lot of time on she own.

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1 He"s Not provided Much To execute In The final Season

besides marrying Yvonne and also then managing her death, what walk Toby really carry out in the seventh and final season?

It feels like a huge mistake that he doesn"t yes, really seem to it is in doing noþeles interesting. Due to the fact that no fan want to check out him with someone who wasn"t Spencer, the Yvonne storyline wasn"t compelling, and also it would have actually been much better to watch Toby occupied v something else.