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The Latin source sect method “cut.” This Latin root is the word beginning of a good number the English vocabulary words, consisting of insect, dissect, and also intersect. The root sect is conveniently recalled via words section, because that a section is a “cut”-off piece of a larger whole.

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A sector of a culture is a component that is “cut” native the whole.

Dissect Words v Sect!

The Latin source word sect means “cut.” this day we will certainly “cut” ideal to the chase v that section of English vocabulary derived from sect!

The native “insect” source from sect due to the fact that it is a creature “cut” right into three parts: the head, the thorax, and also the abdomen. Hence, insects have three segments or “cuttings.” the is easy to hear why we say “segment” instead of “secment;” keep in mind that the letter “c” and “g” room interchangeable follow to Grimm’s Law. And consider the goofy sound “secmentation” vs. “segmentation,” or the act of “cutting” right into pieces.

Math teaches students the a line have the right to not only have segments or “cuttings” of a particular length indigenous it, yet lines can also be bisected or “cut” right into two precise halves by an additional line. One line can likewise intersect another line, “cutting” between its length. And of food there are intersections in highways where one roadway “cuts” between and through another, coming with each other at a common point. In trigonometry the ide of secant is taught, i m sorry is a directly line that “cuts” throughout a curve at 2 or more points.

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Moving on come biology, sometimes beginning biology class will have students perform a dissection, or the “cutting” personal of a preserved pet such together a frog or worm to analysis its anatomy. Surgeons carry out all type of “cutting” into person bodies throughout surgery, an example of i m sorry is venesection or the “cutting” right into a vein, otherwise well-known as phlebotomy.

We have now dissected or “cut” apart those words through sect in them, and so shall now “cut” turn off this section the our research of Greek and Latin roots!

insect: creature “cut” right into three parts segment: a “cut” piece segmentation: a “cutting” into small pieces bisect: “cut” specifically in two intersect: to “cut” between intersection: a “cutting” between secant: a directly line the “cuts” across a curve at two or an ext points dissection: act of “cutting” apart venesection: at of “cutting” right into a vein dissected: “cut” apart section: a “cut-”off component of a whole