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Roger"s an amazing character, who Golding provides to stand for (in a fairly unequivocal way) the "darkness of man"s heart" i beg your pardon the novel is therefore interested in.

When very first introduced, he"s marked out as a "dark" number from words go:

There to be a slight, furtive young whom no one...

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Roger"s an interesting character, whom Golding offers to represent (in a rather unequivocal way) the "darkness the man"s heart" which the novel is so interested in.

When very first introduced, he"s significant out as a "dark" figure from words go:

There to be a slight, furtive young whom no one knew, who kept to himself with an within intensity the avoidance and also secrecy. He muttered the his surname was Roger and also was quiet again.

What "secret" does i get it hold? that inside, he"s got a sadistic desire to cause pain to the various other boys. The next crucial moment comes when Roger is cram stones in ~ the littlun Henry, hiding behind a tree:

Yet there to be a room round Henry, possibly six yards in diameter, into which that dare not throw. Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo the the old life. Ring the squatting boy was the security of parents and school and also policemen and the law. Roger’s arm was conditioned by a people that knew nothing of him and was in ruins.

Roger, at the start of the novel, is tho conditioned through the rules and also civilisation that the exterior world. Yet as the novel goes on, his sadism - his enjoyment of bring about pain - becomes an ext and more clear. This is indigenous the murder of the sow:

Roger ran round the heap, prodding through his spear anytime pigflesh appeared. Jack was on optimal of the sow, stabbing downward through his knife. Roger found a lodgment for his suggest and began to push till he to be leaning through his totality weight. The spear moved forward customs by inch and also the terrified squealing came to be a highpitched scream.

Roger"s spear, us later uncover out, has gone "right up her ass". It"s a brutal act: and also it"s echoed later on in his killing of Piggy (when the leans on the lever and tips the rock v "delirious abandonment") and also his eventual function as Jack"s cook torturer (Samneric describe him as a "terror").

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What"s the vital of Roger? that is a manifestation the the "blackness within". That enjoys resulting in pain, that is cruel, that tortures the other boys, that is sadistic. The is exactly the sort of human who civilisation needs to exist in order to restrain.