You don’t must be a super fan of South Park to be able to recognize the the design template song. It’s iconic. Composed and also performed by PRIMUS and also sung by command singer Les Claypool, it’s been pretty constant over the years. The animation’s to be updated, and the featured characters have to be rotated around, however the subject matter and also lyrics have actually been roughly the same. Except for Kenny’s lines.

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Clad in his orange snowsuit, he claims something in a city that’s incredibly mumbled. Every along, I just figured the was random nonsense, so I never thought something of it. Young was ns wrong.

There’s a factor that Kenny keeps his hood on so tight. That small guy has obtained a potty mouth dirtier 보다 the restroom in Transpotting. You recognize the one.

So… Kenny. No one knows what he says, what he also truly watch like and also he dies in nearly every episode and also somehow, come back.

Minus that time that he dead because that a while. Then we gained Timmy, Jimmy, and Butters vying to the 4th of the group. Great times.

So, let’s undo the drawstrings and also learn what type to NSFW shit he actually has to sing. Offered that that muffled, the present never actually censors his words.

Unaired Pilot:“Our city is bigger dammit, best down to the small granite.”

Ok, so… not a bad start.

Season 1-Season 2:“I like girls with big fat titties, I prefer girls v deep vaginas!”

Season 3-Season 5; remastered Season 1-Season 2: “Hey, I gained a 10-inch penis, use your mouth if you wanna clean it.”

Personally, i think one is hilarious.

Season 6: “Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, Timmy, livin’ a lie TIMMY!”

On account that Kenny actually remaining dead for a while.

Season 7-Season 10:“Someday I’ll it is in old sufficient to pole my dick up Britney’s butt!”

Season 10 episode 8-Present:“I favor fucking silly bitches and I recognize my prick likes it.”

Ironically enough, Kenny’s a pretty decent Opera singer. Yes sir a whole series of episodes where he trains himself and also goes come Romania come study.

Still though, I choose his an individual lyrics better.

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So, over there you go. Kenny’s a world-class, 8-year-old perv, and also we love ‘im. Store on mumbling.

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