Does someone desire to befriend friend or day you? It have the right to be hard to tell, but brand-new research claims that a person's eye movements can be the key to figuring the out.

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Researchers native Wellesley College and the college of Kansas freshly published a study in the Archives of sex-related Behavior looking in ~ what people's eye movements say about whether they desire someone to it is in a friend or romantic partner. They provided 105 heterosexual undergraduate students as subjects and also tracked their eye activities while lock looked in ~ photos the men and women and also answered questions around if they want to befriend or date each person.

The examine was a different look at what renders someone "attractive," follow to the study's authors. "Research ~ above attraction often tends to assume over there is a fixed set of features that renders a person desirable. This new study reflects that what civilization look because that in a prospective relationship companion depends on their relational goals," coauthor Angela Bahns claimed in a push release. "The same human being who provides a highly preferable friend might not make a great mate." Additionally, the examine sought come look at what people focus on once their brain are swiftly assessing the species of relationships they want through others in front of them.

What did researcher find? Heterosexual men and women look more at a person's head or chest if they're considering that human being a potential romantic partner. Men additionally tended to look at a woman's chest and hip areas if lock were mirroring romantic interest, i m sorry Bahns listed aligns through previous research that states this is due to men's evolutionary emphasis on women's ability to reproduce.

There was a caveat, though. "When guys looked at deals with for a lengthy time, they were actually less interested in a person," Bahns said Yahoo.

One of the most exciting parts that the study, however, was exactly how people's eye movements adjust if they desire a partnership that's strictly platonic matches romantic or sexual. Researchers noticed the both men and women looked at someone's legs and feet if they to be assessing if that person can be a potential friend. While the study focused on heterosexual attraction, now hopefully you have the right to pick up on a few cues the next time you're unsure exactly how someone feels about you.

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