“I to buy this shirt indigenous Jackie Chan. That hooked me up.” - kris Tucker, actor, comedian talking about his connection with Jackie Chan in sirloin Hour 2.

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1. Meaning - research the definition.

helped me get something, walk a favor for me, gave me something, helped me perform something

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

The slang expression “hook up” has several different uses and meanings depending upon the paper definition of the conversation. However, there are two primary uses, one of which is defined above. “Hook me up” is virtually always provided to typical “help me out,” or “give me something.” The other use usually needs to do v dating. For example, two civilization could “hook up” in ~ a restaurant for dinner – an interpretation that lock met in ~ a restaurant. Those very same two world could “hook up” later in the night at residence – an interpretation that lock kissed in a romantic way.The expression might probably be used in a hundred different situations. I will shot to give you numerous of castle below.


1. Examples - hear some instance sentences.

“(On a basketball court.)”

””Hey, hook me up with the round man. I haven’t touched it every game. I want to shooting the ball once in a if too.”“

“(At institution on Monday morning.)”

””What go you do this weekend? Did girlfriend hook up v Kathy? She’s hot, and I think she likes you.”“

“(At lunch time.)”

””Is your mommy going to hook united state up with lunch today? I’m starving! Let’s walk to her house.”“

“(On Friday afternoon.)”

””Do you desire to hook up later on tonight? I desire to walk bowling. Offer me a call when you gain off work.”“

“(At a baseball game.)”

””When we obtained to the game I realized ns forgot mine money.

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Luckily, my girlfriend hooked me up and also bought a ticket because that me.”“


1. Winners - check out who guessed the slang definition correctly.

I think ‘he hooked me up’ method : castle two have a good relationship, Jackie Chan has actually a great connection with Chris Tucker.by Yulei (Shanghai)I think the “hook up” means something favor “connect”, possibly he expected that Jackie Chan associated it to him.by Raul (Mexico)I think “hook up” means ..make one satisified,happy,feel great” through Penguin (Thailand)I think “hook up” means “make someone indulged in something”.am i right?by Leeley