This is a blog that was developed to aid attorneys communicate better with your Spanish speak clients during an early interview v a client who speak very tiny English, the may help to questioning demonstrative questions, so that you can elicit responses the you have the right to see and which execute not require an oral solution that you can not interpret. You don’t require a command of Spanish to clock your customer show you how an accident occurred. Therefore, you may want to store a few miniature toy car in her desk, so that you have your client demonstrate how the accident happened.

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Here is a sentence that regarded that physics illustation:

“Please placed an “x” ~ above the vehicle that to be yours.”

In Spanish: “Por favor, ponga una “x” en el carro que era suyo.”

Let’s malfunction this sentence. “Por favor” way “please”. “Ponga” is the command for “put” when addressing the listener. The root verb is “poner” which means “to put”. “Carro” is one translation for “car”; an additional is “coche”. “Que” to be “that”.

“Era” way “was”. The source verb is “ser” which median “is” or “to be”. In an activity that emerged at a specific time in the past, the kind to usage would have actually been “fue”. However, since you own a car for a period of time, in Spanish, you use a different past tense, known as previous imperfect. For “ser”, the verb alters to “era” for this tense once using that for any type of individual person (I, you, he, she.) (Here is one more example the the difference in between past and also past imperfect- you would use past to to speak “I to be at school when the lights went out.” But, you would certainly use previous imperfect come say “I was at that school for 6 grades.”)

Getting earlier to our sentence, “suyo” is the pronoun “yours”.

Listen come Lucy Pardo supply the sentence:

Which vehicle was yours?

Below are a pair of crashes in which you don’t need to note an “x” to number out the auto in the accident.

This is a blog to aid lawyers communicate much better with their Spanish speaking client. We have actually been discovering sentences that an individual injury and also workers’ compensation attorneys can ask their client during an initial interview. Here is a very basic question the you will must ask:

“Were you injured in the accident?”

In Spanish: “¿Fue herido en el acidente?”

There room two words right here that we should know. “Fue” is the previous tense in the he/she/you kind of “ser” which is one of the two versions the the English “is” or “are”. The following word is crucial word in one accident case- “herido” way “injured” or “wounded”. The is an adjective. Keep in mind that, if you space talking about a woman, then you need to use the feminine “a” ending, so it becomes “herida”. “Herido(a) can also be a noun to describe an “injured person.”

Below are some picture of weird accidents. Ns hope nobody was injured……

This is a blog to help attorneys connect with their Spanish speak clients. During initial intake for Social security Disability, criminal and an individual injury case, one attorney may ask this question: wherein did you last work?

Here is the Spanish: “Dónde fue su último trabajo?”

“Dónde” means “where”. “Fue” is the previous tense of “ser” or “to be”. “Último” is “last”. “Trabajo” way “work” or “job”.

Here is exactly how Lucy Pardo asks the question:

Where last work?

Below room photos the some tasks that are worse 보다 your present job.

This is a continuation of write-ups to help lawyers communicate much better with your Spanish speaking clients. In the last few posts, we have actually been asking questions in Spanish in order to interview a new client in a personal injury case. One obvious question that will teach united state a couple of new native is “In the accident were you a driver, passenger or a pedestrian?”

The Spanish translation is “En el accidente, fue usted el conductor, pasajero o peatonal (or peatón).”

Let’s dissect this sentence to understand the words.

The words “fue usted” means “were you.” “Fue” is the previous tense that the verb “ser” which method “to be.” “Usted” method “you.”

“Conductor” is “driver”; “pasajero” is “passenger”; and “peatonal” or “peatón” is “pedestrian”.

Here is just how this question sounds when Lucy Pardo asks it:

Were friend a driver:passenger:pedestrian

Now the we have analyzed this sentence, I believed that I would certainly supply some representative intuitive aides.

I uncovered some exciting pictures reflecting pedestrians.

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First, I uncovered the adhering to sign. If you see this sign, ns recommend you overcome the street elsewhere:

I also realized the the most famed pedestrian picture is that the Beatles cross Abbey roadway on the cover of the album the the same name.

I found the listed below three spoofs on that layout that ns think are each priceless in their own way, especially the critical one: