I betyou desire to scream every time friend hear, “Oh yeah, the verb is irregular.”


You’ll hear the a lot when it comes to ER verbs, so try to keep the screaming at a minimum.

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In fact, 72% of every ER verbs room irregular verbs.

They may be several of the many frustrating of every Spanish verbs, yet once you have actually them down they will quickly become your ideal friends.

Why are they for this reason important? Well, ER verb just occur to bevery frequently used in Spanish. This way that if you don’t grasp them then your Spanish can only go so far.

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Everything You need to Know about Spanish ER Verbs

How essential Are Spanish ER Verbs?

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As you have the right to see, ER verbs room both an extremely common and an extremely irregular. Below you’ll discover the ultimate overview tohelp you know them and also plenty of resources to practice with.

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Regular Spanish ER Verb Conjugation

In this write-up we’ll covering irregular andstem-changingverbs, but first let’s evaluation the basics.

If you’re reading this article, I’m walk to assume you recognize the difference between AR, ER and IR verbs. However, for a quick overview of Spanish verb categories as well as verb tense (the 5 indicative basic tenses) inspect out this valuable article.

Instead of taking a paragraph or for this reason to describe these tenses once again, I’ll present you exactly how the tenses occupational specifically in relationship to ER verbs through this graph conjugating the regular Spanish verb comer (to eat):

Comer (Indicative Tenses)


As you can see in the graph above, many of the moment conjugating regular ER verbs is as simple as adding the matching ending for each tense come the stem(whatever is left of the verb as soon as the -er ending has to be removed).

This is true because that the present, preterite and also imperfect tenses.

Things end up being even simpler with part tensesbecause friend don’t also have to remove the -er ending. With the conditional and future tenses, you simply include the appropriate ending ~ above the prototype form (form that contains both the stem and the ending).


Invent a tiny melody because that the endings for each tense and you’ll have actually them down in no time. Once these endings are memorized you can conjugate any type of regular ER verb in the Spanish language! Unfortunately, there are an ext irregular ER verbs 보다 there are consistent ones.

Irregular ER Verb Conjugation

As pointed out before, almost all ER verbs space irregular. Because that this reason, it’s extremely crucial that you find out this form. We’re walking to start with the rarely often rare of the irregular, those irregular verb that have actually their own irregularities (verbos de irregularidad propia).

How perform these different from simply plain, old rarely often, rarely verbs? Well, it transforms out there’s tho a sample to a most irregularverbs: prefer whennacer (to be born), conocer (to know) and also agradecer (to to express gratitude) come to be nazco, conozcoand agradezco in the first person singular the the existing tense.

Adding a z before the c applied to more 보다 one verb.

Well, the link of an irregular verb with its own irregularity only applies to that one verb in particular forms. Despite I uncovered sources the differed in how numerous of this verbs there are,according to the royal Spanish Academy(RAE)there are 22 in this categoryand have the right to be discovered here.

Below you’ll check out charts showing just how ser (to be) andtener(to have), two verbs in this category and two that the most generally used verbs in Spanish, space conjugated.

Ser (Indicative Tenses)



As you can see, this verbs space irregular since there’s no formula that we’re able to follow to make feeling of the conjugations, together there is with regular verbs.

The verb stem is completely wacky in every tense, other than for the conditional and also future tense which maintain the infinitive kind of ser. Furthermore, the conjugations because that ser are totally different 보다 those that tener.

Here’s what rarely often, rarely verb tenerlooks like:

Tener (Indicative Tenses)



Stem-changing Spanish ER Verb Conjugations

Aside indigenous irregular ER verbs, there’s another tricky category of verbs that we speak to stem-changing verbs. All stem-changing verbs space irregular through nature because they don’t follow the conjugation rule of continuous verbs, however you’ll find a comparable pattern in an ext than one of them. Let’s examine them the end now!

Thankfully, as soon as we speak the stem-changing verbs (verbs whose stems experience a readjust in the conjugation process) we’re speaking of changes that only affect verbs in 3 cases: the present simple, the past simple and the existing continuous. Luckily the other verb tense aren’t even influenced by stem changes so girlfriend needn’t worry around them. For your complete guide to Spanish stem-changing verbs, inspect out this article.

When speak of ER verbs specifically, things become easier due to the fact that past basic and present continuous stem-changers don’t even apply to ER verbs! existing simple, however, does encompass the ER verb category.

Present basic Stem-changers

There space three types of stem-changers for the existing simple: e-ie, and also e-i. Of these three types, only e-ie and o-ue use to ER verbs, which simplifies things also further.

When stem-changing verbs room conjugated in the current simple, the stem transforms in every type except because that the nosotros and vosotros forms.

Let’s examine out part examples starting with e-ie. We’ll look in ~ tener (to have), entender (to understand), querer (to want) and also perder (to lose).


Once again we watch that the only exceptions come the stem-changing rule come in the nosotros and also vosotros forms. For every other pronoun merely follow the formula to make the stem change!

As you have the right to see, the e in every one of these ER verbs transforms to ie in every personsexcept for nosotros and also vosotros.The stem in the verb teneralso transforms (see conjugation above)with the exception of the yo formtengo.

The same goes for o-ue stem changers. Let’s look at at several of these instances now. Right here we have poder , volver (to return) andsoler (to have actually the propensity to).


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The 12 Most common ER verb in Spanish

Now that you’ve do it past the tough part, here’s a basic list that the ER verb that will certainly be the most useful to you in the future.